The Author
The Author escaped to the woods with the Charming gang trying to track him down. He pulled a branch from a tree in order to make a magical quill pen. Somehow Rumple appeared to inform the Author that the trees in Storybrooke have no magic. To save him from the Charmings, Rumple promised to give him a magic quill in exchange for several happy endings to be written. The Author agreed and Rumple vanished them away. Later, Rumple tells captured Regina that he has the Author and now she has to do something for him. He found Robin Hood’s phone number on Regina and told her to call him.
Robin Hood (Past)
After Robin Hood and Marian got married, Robin opened a tavern to stay out of thieving. But soon the sheriff found out and posted a tax notice on his door. The sheriff gave him 2 days to pay off his debts or he would put him in prison. Also he planned to make Marian his once Robin was out of the way. With Robin trying to find an honest way to get the money, Rumple arrives at his empty tavern. Rumple was told Robin is the best thief in the land. Rumple asks him to steal “The Elixir of the Wounded Heart” from the Wicked Witch of the West for some gold straw. Robin’s portal to Oz lands on a soldier chasing after Will Scarlet. This is their first meeting. Robin tells Will of his plan to steal this potion from the Wicked Witch and agrees to give some of the potion to him. When collecting vials of the potion, Robin is caught by the Wicked Witch. He finds some arrows and aims to shoot when she projects 2 more versions of herself. Robin sees the real her in the mirror and shoots but misses. He hit something that let off gas so he was able to escape. Back at the portal, Robin tells Will that he failed and the witch was waiting for him. Will tells him how he hoped to use the potion to get over his sister drowning. Robin felt bad so when they hugged before he left, Robin slipped the potion into Will’s pocket. Now that the 2 days are up, the sheriff comes around to collect. Robin’s men were hiding in the background and they robbed the sheriff to give to the poor people. This was the beginning of Robin stealing from the rich and giving to the poor since he felt so good about what he did for Will. Marian agreed to live as a bandit with Robin and this was the moment he decided to go by Robin Hood. One thing that he took was a 6 leaf clover from Oz that can make you appear as someone you are not. He plans to use this to hide around the sheriff.
Robin Hood (9 weeks ago)
Robin left Storybrooke 9 weeks ago to save Marian’s life after being poisoned with ice by the Snow Queen. Robin, Marian, and their son ended up in New York City. The kid was upset at how loud it was. In their first moments there, Marian’s purse was snatched. Robin commandeered a horse to chase after the robber who was on a bicycle. He did catch up to him and got the bag back. They were given the keys to Neil’s (Rumple’s son) apartment by Regina. They had barely been there when Rumple comes through the door. Rumple tries to kick them out but in the excitement collapses. At the hospital, we find out that Rumple had a heart attack which he puts up to all the evil deeds he has done. He asks Robin to again try to steal the same elixir since it may cure him. Robin agreed because he wants to help people basically. I don’t see the reasoning to help Rumple. Rumple thinks the potion is being kept by the minion Zelena (the Wicked Witch) sent to the real world to keep an eye on Emma. You remember that year when Emma and Henry lived in New York without memories of Storybrooke. The guy that proposed to Emma was the minion. He had a shop called the Wizard of Oak. Robin breaks in, knowing nothing of alarms, and escapes with the elixir just as the police are coming in. Marian could not believe that Robin would do anything to save Rumple’s life. She told him it would be a greater good to let him die and Robin said it was not like her to say that.
Robin brings the potion to Rumple, still in the hospital, in exchange for the apartment and freedom from him. Rumple agrees and drinks it after Robin leaves. The potion isn’t working and Marian walks in to tell him he was just cough medicine but she had the real one. Rumple had no idea why Marian would want to kill him until Marian turned into Zelena. When we saw her die her spirit escaped into the fairy tale land when Emma and Hook went back in time. She was able to kill Marian and use the 6 leaf clover to pretend to be her. So the whole time in Storybrooke, Marian was really Zelena. She was happy to steal Regina’s true love from her. Now she wants Rumple to help get her a happy ending from the Author. She gives Rumple the real potion. Robin was at the hospital when Rumple is released and tries to give him a box of Neil’s old things. Rumple doesn’t want the belongings since Neil in New York was a reminder of his mistakes. Rumple warned Robin that he shouldn’t ignore his chance at a happy ending. At home, Marian sees Regina’s number in his phone and he deletes it saying he was committed to his life with Marian. In the mirror, we see Marian’s reflection as Zelena.
Robin Hood (Present)
It took a while to get back to Regina making that phone call to Robin Hood. A woman answered so she thought it was Marian. The voice soon said hey sis and Regina was shocked. Now Regina knows that Zelena is playing house with her true love. She was even angrier to find out that Rumple knew. Rumple is using this information to make Regina join his cause. If Regina doesn’t help him turn Emma evil then Rumple will call Zelena to kill Robin. I don’t get how this is a difficult choice. At first, Regina said that she would not help him corrupt Emma like he did to her. I would think that letting Robin die would be nothing compared to letting Emma (Henry’s birth mother) become evil. We were left on her about to give an answer. I know for the show she will probably have to choose Robin but it won’t make sense.