Penguin was trying to buy a little bar/restaurant from an Italian woman who was not interested. He offered her money or anything she wanted. She said her granddaughter was being seduced by a guitar player so if he brought her home, she would consider his offer. Soon, Penguin found the guy but he was talking about true love and such. Penguin had his guy start cutting of his fingers. The girl comes home to the grandmother. Penguin’s plan is to kill Maroni there.
Bruce is now determined to find Reggie Payne, the man that stabbed Alfred. Alfred wants to deal with it himself but when he tried to go his stitches opened. Gordon came by to urge Bruce not to get involved if he and Alfred won’t talk to the police. Bruce used Cat to help him find Payne. Alfred told him Payne was probably in a shooting gallery so Bruce looked at shooting ranges. Cat had to tell him what that really meant. They found Payne and took away his “medicine” until he told who sent him to Bruce’s house. Payne told him the names of the Wayne Industries employees and warned them not to fight them. Cat dropped his “medicine” out the window onto a ledge. After threatening both of them and reaching out the window, Cat pushed him out. Bruce moved that way but stopped himself so Cat had to do it.
Fish had a new plan to get off of The Dollmaker’s island. It involved several steps. First, she had to get 2 groups of people in the basement to follow her plan, the weak and strong groups. She tested the alarm system by walking outside and waiting for security to come out. Her plan to weaker people, that we did not hear, was to the first guy she used as her sidekick. I think his name was Kelly. The strong people were told they would use a boat to escape the island. She needed them because she had to have killers on her side in case something went wrong. Her job was to steal the keys to the boat and open the gates before they escaped. The Dollmaker caught her in his office and threatened to shoot her in the stomach if she lied about trying to escape. Fish lied saying she wanted to steal a knife to kill herself over the nightmares she had after seeing the ex-manager stitched up with limbs that were not his. Plus, she didn’t want that to happen to her. He told her if she did something like this again he would do the same thing to her but worse. He didn’t know that she did actually take a set of keys.
Fish’s plan was going along. She told the strong group to go to the boat and that she has unlocked the gate the night before. She would go back to get Kelly and said they better not leave without her. When Fish got to the basement, The Dollmaker was waiting for her. He didn’t know that the gate to the basement was unlocked and he was beaten up. The weak group and Fish went to the helicopter, which Fish lied about to the strong people saying she didn’t know how to fly it. The strong group realized when they got to the locked gate that Fish set them up as a decoy. Security shot the strong group and heard the helicopter. The head guard was able to shoot Fish (probably in the stomach) inside the helicopter but she still managed to fly away.
Jim Gordon was approached by a young GCPD officer named Glenn Moore. Moore asked Gordon to reopen a case involving a young woman who was murdered but no one was working on at the moment. He said he was inspired by Gordon’s cleaning up the city and department. Flattery worked and Gordon agreed to look into it. Dr. Leigh (Gordon’s girlfriend / GCPD ME) was familiar with the area the girl, Grace Fairchild, was last seen in and told Gordon of various speakeasies there. Gordon had to convince Bullock to come along and they found the place that Grace was in. The bartender said she remembered the girl with a good looking man with her.
We see a flashback to Grace and her date, Jason, in the speakeasy. Jason said he wants unconditional love which many women he dates can’t deal with. Grace somehow though it was sweet when I think that is super creepy. She went home with him and the next morning he would not let her leave. He has her go through tests to see her abilities to do what he asks. Basically, Jason wants a 1950s housewife. Grace overcooked his lamb and was near tears at the dinner table wearing shackles on her hands. He informed her it wasn’t working out. Next thing we see her in a dungeon. Jason has knives and tools in a box lined with 12 other photos of women that probably didn’t make the grade either.
In Dr. Leigh’s examination of Grace’s body she noticed that the body was not abused just cut. She had been missing for months. Nygma came back with some forensic evidence that Gordon asked for. There was a missing piece that Nygma found a photo of a broken heart (art not an actual heart). Bullock recognized the heart as a calling card for a serial killer that only top level detectives know about. Apparently, the young detective was told by Commissioner Loeb to give this case to Gordon. Jason (aka The Ogre) not only kills these women but also goes after family and friends of any cop that investigates him. Obviously, Loeb wants to get rid of Gordon. Gordon was predictably angry and threatened Loeb. He said after he takes down The Ogre he will come after Loeb next