The honeymoons are over and they have been married for a week. The added stress of coming back to the real world with holidays coming up will be fun to watch. I expect the big argument here will be who goes where as far as family is concerned. I get the idea of having them get married on 12-13-14 but it’s almost unfair to make them do this so close to the holidays. It’s good for me because I want to watch the drama but not good for them. They still have to move in together.

The Couples

Ryan R. & Jaclyn
mafs2-5rjac Apparently, they live 80 miles apart from each other. I don’t understand why they are so scared to move. They could live in the middle and be close enough to all their jobs and family. His tradition is Christmas Eve shopping with his brother. He knows she likes leopard so he got her a bag and necklace. Jaclyn is going to his house Christmas Eve. At Ryan’s house, Jaclyn gave gifts to his mother and niece. Jaclyn got chocolate and candles from them. Ryan received a steamer (so she can do his clothes for him) and other things that he had mentioned that he wanted or needed during their brief time together. She didn’t like the purse but liked the necklace. Jaclyn now says she has a crush on her husband.
Sean & Davina
mafs2-5ds Sean is going to work Christmas Eve as he is in health care but Davina is meeting him afterwards. He decided to move to New York with Davina because that is where she is comfortable. She spent the day with her best friend’s family and brought some food for him. Usually, she goes home to San Francisco for Christmas with her family. Davina asked him if he thought about names for his kids and he told her about a miscarriage that happened in 2014. That seems really recent for him to get married at first sight.
Ryan D. & Jessica
mafs2-5rjess Is Ryan the first person to try to storm off during filming? Even Dr. Pepper said they will need to work on communication. Ryan was mad that the conversation happened in a public place like he’s not on a reality show. He did call her trashy though. Maybe this will be first marriage with violence. Jessica is going to live with Ryan until they can move into their new place. She’s right that it must be hard to move during Christmas. Back at home, Jessica said Ryan and she had a 2.5 hour phone conversation that made everything better. Ryan (Jewish) is getting flowers and a Christmas tree to welcome Jessica to his home. Jessica got him a sweater and he got her a watch. They went to Ryan’s mother’s house and she invited Jessica’s family as well. Ryan’s mother asked about their honeymoon and Jessica is not sure what to say. Of course you don’t tell them all the bad stuff.