Bruce & Cat
Bruce is still shaken up about the killing of Reggie Payne. Cat makes him promise to tell no one even Alfred. She is not sorry for what happened. Bruce knows executives that work for his company have safes in their offices. He plans to take Cat to their charity ball to get the key from the main guy Payne told them about and get an imprint. Alfred wanted to go for Bruce’s protection but Bruce told him about Cat going. Alfred agreed to just wait in the car. They sent over dresses and accessories for Cat to Barbara’s house. Barbara being a socialite was going to the ball as well. At the ball, Bruce and Cat danced and got the key imprint. At the end of the night, Cat saw Barbara leaving with a man.
Gordon & The Ogre
The Ogre tracked down Barbara and got himself invited to her apartment with intentions of killing her. He was surprised when she said she didn’t have a boyfriend. She told him off and said once people so who she really was they drop her anyway. No one would care if she died tomorrow. Barbara told him to let himself out, which he did.
In the meantime, Gordon is worried about protecting Dr. Leigh since she is his real “loved one”. She refuses to leave Gotham and told him to catch the guy to make her safe. Gordon and Bullock brought in the first detective to investigate The Ogre. His wife was killed by him. He gave them the name of where he thought the first victim worked that may be a connection. The place was a cosmetic surgery clinic. She was a nurse there, but they needed a warrant to get any information from them. Once they left the clinic, a car was parked in the alley and tried to run them over. Gordon recognized it from outside the precinct. Soon, Gordon got a call from The Ogre at the police station threatening him to drop the case or else someone he loves could be hurt. Gordon responded with a press conference telling the city about this serial killer. When the warrant came though, they found out the nurse came to them through a rich old woman from an old shipping family. They think it could be her son.
When they arrive at the house, they find the butler hanging from a rope but not dead and the old woman long dead in her bed. The Ogre is the butler’s son, Jason, who was disfigured from birth. His mother had left after he was born and he thought of the old woman as his mother. He imagined that he was her illegitimate son and when he confronted her about it she laughed at him. He killed her and his father kept it a secret but has not seen him since. He only tried to kill himself because his son called to say the police were coming to the house. Jason had gotten plastic surgery at the clinic.
Now, Jason was focused on Barbara. Even though she isn’t with Gordon now, he was intrigued by her. He showed up at the charity ball. He told her he can help her be what she really wanted to be. He knew what it was like to not be seen for the person he really was. He took her back to his place. She asked about a room in the house and he told her to look. It was his dungeon and Barbara did not seem scared (see photo).
Gordon realized that Jason had quoted to him something from an old article about him. He remembered the photo of him in that article was from a charity ball that he went to with Barbara. At Barbara’s apartment, Gordon found Cat who confirmed she left the party with The Ogre.
Penguin spoke to a hitman about killing Maroni. Next think he knows Maroni is in his club talking to Oswald’s mother. After getting cozy with her, Maroni asks her if she knows all the horrible things her son has done including stabbing his friend several times. Penguin threatened him and called him a liar. Later, his mother wants to know the truth. Penguin said he is just a nightclub owner. I’m not sure if she believes that or not. She goes to bed and a flower delivery man comes to the door with flowers from Maroni. Penguin drops the vase, picks up a piece of glass, and stabs the man in the neck. He drags the man away with a blood trail behind him.
Ed Nygma walked in on Kristin Kringle kissing her newest cop boyfriend. When he spoke to her he saw bruises on her arm that she said was nothing. He confronted the cop who said that’s how you have to handle women. Nygma told him not to hurt her again or else. That meant that he watched outside Kristin’s house until the cop arrived. Nygma suggested he leave Gotham but the cop attacked him. The cop didn’t know that Nygma had a knife in his hand and stabbed him several times. At first Nygma seemed shocked at what he did but then I think there was some laughing. The Riddler may be coming out.