The Author and Rumple have a funeral for Cruella. The Author put the napkin she gave him when they met on the coffin. He even said he would miss her. Rumple only needed someone for Emma to kill. Emma was watching in the distance. Like I thought, this is just step 1 in Emma turning dark. Without that, Rumple can’t get what he wants.
His next plan involved Belle. He needed to get her heart back from Regina. He knows of Regina and Emma’s plan to go to New York and is fine with it. Regina has Maleficent protecting Belle’s heart in the mayor’s office along with a protection spell from Rumple. All he could do is approach (i.e. demand) Will to steal it for him. Rumple kept Maleficent busy at the door while Will got in and out through the window. Rumple alluded to the fact that Emma and Lily are connected and could affect how good or evil each of them become. Will takes the heart back to Belle and Rumple comes in from the back. Rumple tells Belle that he was not worthy of her and that Will will protect her heart now.
Lily& Emma (Past)
In Minnesota (1999), Lily found Emma in a new foster home. Emma was happy to be with this new family and was surprised to find Lily hiding in their garage. Lily told her she ran away and had no place to stay. Emma’s new foster father caught them talking and invited her for dinner. Lily lied to them saying her new family was in the area and even about how she and Emma met. Emma took Lily out of the room to ask her why she was lying. At the same time, the news mentioned a manhunt for 2 armed robbers. Lily was one of them. She said it was her boyfriend who did it and she thought they were just stealing food. Emma was furious and told her to leave. She offered Lily the little bit of money she had to get away. Lily didn’t want to leave without the necklace from her birth mother. Emma agreed to get it for her. Unfortunately, Emma got caught returning home with it. Lily had robbed the family of their vacation money. The parents called the police, Emma’s social worker finding out how they really met, and learned she was wanted for armed robbery. The father yelled at her for bringing a criminal into the house around their children. Emma noticed that she wasn’t part of their children so she left. While waiting for a bus, Lily showed up saying the 2 of them could go somewhere together. Lily said after she met Emma life got worse and Emma was the only one that understood her. She thought she was saving Emma from a crazy boring family. Emma wanted to be part of a family and yelled at Lily for continuing to run away from hers. Emma left Lily at the bus stop.
Later, Lily is on the bus looking at her moon shaped pendant. A voice off camera compliments her necklace. It was the Apprentice. I was surprised. I didn’t realize he could just hop over to the real world whenever. He felt the need to explain to her why her life is going so wrong. Early in the episode, the Apprentice told the Sorcerer about the Author messing with fate and the punishment he gave him. The Sorcerer said Emma and Lily’s lives will forever still be entwined as it always has been. I guess the Author felt responsible. We didn’t see everything he said but that last thing we heard was him asking Lily if she wanted to know about her mother.
Lily& Emma (Present)
Maleficent approached Emma to find her daughter, Lily, who was adopted to a family in Minnesota. Of course, Emma remembered Lily and when to newspaper archives to be sure. There was picture of baby Lily with her star birthmark. Regina was planning on going to New York to see Robin and suggested they go together. Before they drove off, Emma got information that Lily was living in Massachusetts 5 years ago which was only 30 min from Boston, where Emma was living at the time. Regina told her about them being bound together by fate which pulled them closer. Just like Regina adopting the Savior’s child. The apartment building was a mess. A man told Emma that Lily had died in an accident and that she was a worthless person anyway. Emma pushed him against the wall and almost punched him. Regina calmed her down and they left. Mysteriously, a wolf was in the middle of the road and they swerved to miss it. Emma remarked that this has happened to her before when she tried to leave Storybrooke.
The accident caused a flat tire so they walked to the nearest gas station. The place had a diner. Emma went to order coffee and Regina dealt with the car. When Regina came to the diner, Emma told her the waitress was Lily because she saw the birthmark. Emma followed Lily outside and told her she knew her real name was Lily. Lily said she has some trouble and started a new life. She remembered Emma but had no need for her help. Lily said she was married with a kid and life was great for her now. Emma knew she was lying. Lily was so committed to the lie that she promised a girl getting off a school bus food if she walked around the building with her. Emma got Lily’s address from the diner and went to her apartment. Regina saw a whole wall devoted to Lily’s life. It mentioned Storybrooke, Snow White, Emma, etc. While they looked at it, they heard a car start up outside. Lily stole Emma’s car. Emma hotwired a car and they followed her. After stopping Lily, they argued and punches were thrown. Lily threatened Emma’s whole family so Emma pulled a gun on her. Lily told her to pull the trigger because they both knew her life wasn’t worth saving. Regina had to talk Emma down again. Lily agreed to go with them to New York to find Robin Hood.
Robin Hood
Regina, Emma, and Lily go to Robin’s apartment. Marian (Zelena) is away at the store. Regina tells Robin the truth about his wife and at that moment Marian comes back. At first, she plays it like she is scared but then shows herself as Zelena. Robin is told by Regina to get his son and leave with her. He is reluctant to leave. It turns out that Marian (Zelena) is pregnant. The look on Regina’s face was priceless. I don’t think Regina will ever have a happy ending at that rate.