Bruce received the copied safe key from Cat by messenger. He arranged some kind of tour of Wayne Enterprises, pulled the fire alarm, and snuck into the office with the safe. Of course he got caught. The guy knew that they lifted his key and so he was waiting for Bruce to show up. He offered Bruce a cookie. I know I wouldn’t eat it. It was probably poisoned or something. The man told Bruce that all the Wayne men found out sooner or later how the company really worked. His father and grandfather learned to let the company run that way it does in exchange for the lifestyles they had. He encouraged Bruce to do the same. Lucious Fox, junior executive, was asked to escort Bruce back to his tour. At the elevator, Lucious secretly told Bruce that his father kept his best self hidden and was not what the company thought he was. Bruce didn’t understand but took it as his father having secrets that he needed to find out. He told Alfred how Reggie Payne died after Alfred had to identify him. Alfred was also informed of Bruce’s encounter in the office.
Penguin was going through with is plan to kill Maroni in that restaurant. He had Butch hide 2 guns in the place for the hitmen to access. The main hitman was told when to go because a Maroni man was getting out of prison and Penguin knew that is where they always went for their first meals. The hitman arrived at the restaurant and said what Penguin told him to say before pulling the trigger. He made it seem as though Falcone arranged the hit and the guns were sabotaged by Penguin himself. This is setting up a war between Maroni and Falcone and Penguin just gets to sit and watch. The GCPD is preparing for the worst. Penguin is a genius at all this.
Since Nygma killed the abusive cop, he needs to get rid of the body. He brought it into work in pieces in a couple of trunks. I guess no one pays attention to him enough to wonder why he had them. I believe he was going to use acid to dissolve as much as he could. I was annoyed because he was interrupted by Kristin Kringle and had the open container of “acid” right next to his face. I don’t know what acid he was using but if it’s dissolving bodies you are going to get strong fumes coming out of that bottle. She walked in to ask for a file and was appalled to see body parts in the sink. Kristin also asked if he saw the cop that day. Later, with just a very clean skull remaining, Nygma decided to write a note to Kristin as the cop so she didn’t keep thinking about him. Out of anger and/or frustration, he put the skull in a bag and beat it with a hammer like thing. His note to Kristin said the cop was leaving town and may call her when he gets back. Nygma was there to see how angry she was. He told her sometimes with men you have to read between the lines. The first letters on the left hand side of the note spelled out NYGMA.
Barbara & The Ogre
The Ogre, Jason, comes clean with Barbara about planning to kill her the first time they met. Barbara was surprised and tried to run out the apartment like he just has open doors. Jason thinks Barbara is the woman for him. He was even nervous when unfastening her from some chains. She spit in his face and said Jim will find her. He didn’t like that and said he would kill her if she mentioned Jim again. At one point, he gave her what looked like a glass of water to drink. She could have hit him over the head with the glass and got one of the axes off the wall to kill him. He actually told her that he would kill whoever she wanted. Barbara refused several times. Eventually, she said her parents. I’m not surprised the way they treated her in that 1 episode like they were annoyed she came to see them. She seemed like she was in shock about everything or maybe on some kind of drug.
Gordon & The Ogre
Gordon blames himself for not protecting Barbara. He didn’t even think of her as being in danger. Bullock found a pimp that was boasting about knowing who the Ogre was so they interrogated him. They found out that man worked in roaming brothel but you need an invitation to get in. Gordon had no choice but to go to Penguin. Things got out of hand where Gordon pulled a gun on them. Penguin agreed to help but reminded him that the favors he is owed are piling up. Bullock went to the place undercover but was disturbed by the show and identified himself as a police officer. It wasn’t shown so we don’t know what was happening on stage. There were 2 people introduced and I think I heard a chainsaw type noise. Police show up and they threaten the owner with press if she didn’t say what she knew about the man in their sketch. She directed them to the hostess/front desk woman. She had a cut on her face from Jason months before he started killing women. As a hooker, she didn’t think to go to the police to say a rich man cut her which is understandable. She had been to his apartment and told them about a sign she saw out the window. Gordon and Bullock figured out the building but arrived to find it empty.
While in the dungeon, Gordon smelled Barbara’s perfume and the phone rang. Jason called them to say he knew they were there. Bullock heard sounds on the call that gave them the idea that he was driving on a bridge near a train. Gordon remembered that Barbara’s parents lived in the area he was traveling. By time they got there, the butler and Barbara’s parents were dead. Barbara found Gordon in the room with her parents and was surprised to see him. Gordon asked where Jason was and at the same time Jason his Bullock over the head in another area of the house. Jason found them and put a knife to Barbara’s throat. He said he would protect and love Barbara more than Jim had. Bullock showed up and shot Jason in the head. Barbara is saved and will be even richer now that her parents are dead.