It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m hoping for some alcohol fueled drama. I’m sure the newness of moving in together will bring some of that anyway.


The Couples

Sean & Davina

mafs2-7dsSean is living in New Jersey on the days he has to work and in New York with Davina on his days off. He’s not comfortable living in NY and he’s considering speaking to someone about his emotions. It is pushing Davina over the edge for sure. If he is so fragile then why do this experiment? He calls Dr. Joseph Cilona to talk. She is happy that he did. Dr. Joseph thinks they need to slow down on the future planning and just get to know each other through the process. For New Year’s Eve, Davina took Sean to a NYC restaurant.


Ryan R. & Jaclyn

mafs2-7rjacMarriage consummated. Ryan said she is the best person he’s ever met. They want to continue to grow in their relationship in the new year. They went out to dinner on New Year’s Eve. Somehow Jaclyn’s ring ended up under some appliance, Ryan got it, and then proposed to her with it. At the end of the night, Ryan laid out candles in showing their wedding date (12-13-14). Her sister and friends came over New Year’s Day. Jaclyn wants to have kids sooner than Ryan does but it’s early.


Ryan D. & Jessica

mafs2-7rjessJessica doesn’t speak up because she doesn’t like to start a fight. Ryan thinks she isn’t opening up enough. They are arguing over Jessica ironing on the bed. He said his grandfather picked on his grandmother with little comments and she just dealt with it because they were in love. I think it is obvious that Jessica isn’t that way plus they are not in love. The experts always say the couples need to work as a team to get through their marriages. Dr. Pepper thinks Ryan is going to be making most of the decisions but Jessica said she wanted a man that was a leader. Jessica invited 2 of her friends over to the apartment for dinner on New Year’s Eve. It was a couple, with kids, that have been together for 9 years. Ryan listens to their advice but knows the experiment changes things since they have 6 weeks to decide whether to stay married or not. Jessica thought being married would be easier. He’s upset that she hasn’t cooked yet when she said she loves to cook. Another argument starts. They agreed to do something together with the wedding money and he took $100 for his own stuff. He thinks she is saying that he is stealing from her. Now he says it’s not going to work out.