Regina (Past)
I love Regina the Evil Queen and that’s where the show starts. It’s the anniversary of Daniel’s (the stable boy) death by Cora. On her way to his grave with her father, Regina sees a wedding party in her meadow. She told them about it and just to make her point she rips out someone’s heart. Her father tried to tell her she was overreacting because of the day, but she crushed the heart anyway. In anger, she made her father find his own way home. At Daniel’s grave, there is a fresh yellow rose. Cora pops up from her exile in the looking glass (Wonderland). Cora pretends that she wants to help Regina find happiness. She even goes as far as to offer to find Regina’s true love (Robin Hood) that she heard about from Tinkerbelle. Cora went to the tavern and found the Sheriff of Nottingham instead. She liked him better. She put a fake lion tattoo on him and sent him to Regina. Remember at this point, Regina has never seen Robin Hood’s face just the tattoo. Once Regina realizes the tattoo is magic, she turns it into a real (mini) lion that runs up the Sheriff’s body until he tells her Cora’s plan. Cora wants Regina to have a baby to secure her kingdom from Snow White. To spite Cora, Regina makes a potion to prevent her from ever having a child. Cora was not happy about it and said only Regina stands in the way of her own happiness. She realized that Regina feels more than she does so she said she wanted more for her. Who know if it’s true? Cora always lies.
Hook brings Rumple and the Author the bad news that Emma is still not evil. Rumple’s heart is getting weaker and he can barely walk around without stumbling. They need Emma to turn dark so they can use her blood as the magic ink to write the happy endings. Regina comes into Mr. Gold’s shop and finds Rumple weakened. His heart going black will kill him but not the Dark One. Regina easily took the quill and the Author from Rumple. Regina’s plan is to use the Author to write Zelena out of existence. Zelena is locked up in the hospital where Regina kept Belle and Sidney. Everyone seems fine until Zelena compares Regina to what their mother must have been like. That changed Regina’s mind because you know she doesn’t want to be like Cora. Now she is willing to let Zelena stay in the hospital with regular doctor care. Finding herself a home in the world is all Regina needs for her happiness and Robin Hood is just part of it. Regina suggested a spell to help Robin’s son forget that “Marian” came back. With nothing to write, the Author writes himself back to Rumple. Rumple brings a new book called “Heroes and Villains”. Rumple says it’s time that villains win. The Author starts to write and all we see is Once Upon a Time…
Maleficent finally gets to meet Lily. All Lily wants to know is how they get revenge on Snow White and David. She is surprised that Maleficent wants to put the past behind them and move forward. Lily is ready to leave Storybrooke and has no sympathy for the big bad dragon woman that failed to protect her. Somehow there is a bus stop in Storybrooke that Lily is waiting at. I don’t know why they have buses since they don’t leave town. I suppose we don’t know how big Storybrooke is. Regina finds her there. As mentioned above, Regina realized that the evil blood that belonged to Emma is in Lily. Lily was not willing to talk nicely to Regina. I guess the Apprentice didn’t tell her stories about the Evil Queen. Regina cut Lily’s hand and took some of her blood for the ink bottle. Lily was mad and soon her eyes turned yellow. Maleficent went to Snow and David for help on how to appeal to Lily after their same experiences with Emma. They all go out to look for Lily but are stopped at the border by a large dragon. It seems that Lily can turn into a dragon but doesn’t really know what she is doing. She injured Snow by hitting her with her tail. Emma shows up to see Snow injured and now everyone is forgiven. Maleficent tracks down Lily as she is turning back into a person. They have a talk where Maleficent gives her the rattle. Lily feels Maleficent was not what she expected. She thought she would be an evil dragon woman instead of an open semi-normal person. Maleficent invited her to stay for a week to teach her about her dragon powers and Lily agrees. I’m sure they will stay together from now on whether it’s in Storybrooke or not. Lily’s job didn’t look like the type that you could leave for a week without notice and still be able to come back.