With the gang wars going on, Maroni blew up Falcone’s car. Falcone wasn’t in it but he was injured. It turns out the city has chosen Maroni over Falcone and left Falcone unguarded in Arkham. Gordon wanted to do the right thing by helping the most stable bad guy (Falcone) regain power. He went to Arkham to find Penguin and Butch about to kill Falcone who was strapped to a gurney. They were arrested by him which meant he was responsible for them. Maroni’s men were told where to find Falcone and were surprised to see Gordon standing guard. It was funny that they went back and told on Gordon. They brought back Commissioner Loeb who basically threw Gordon to the wolves. All Gordon could do is call Bullock for back-up who wanted no part of it but eventually showed up at the end of Gordon’s gun fight with Maroni’s men. They stole an ambulance to get everyone out and were able to escape Maroni who just showed up. They end up at Falcone’s safe house and you can read what happened under the Fish & Cat section.
Fish & Cat
At the start of the show, Fish sails in on a boat like a queen. Cat is mesmerized by her. When she gets off the boat, she approaches Cat.

Fish: Good morning child

Cat: We’re not children and it’s not morning

Fish: Soon it will be. The start of a new day.

It is 2 weeks later and the next thing we see is Cat and Fish at Falcone’s safe house with men and guns. That could have been the coolest storyline to have Cat basically trained by Fish. Fish takes everyone prisoner: Penguin, Falcone, Gordon, and Bullock. She decided not to kill Bullock. Poor Butch is all confused. He was brainwashed somehow and seeing Penguin in trouble makes him want to help but not go against Fish. Fish calls Maroni to offer the prisoners to him. Maroni promised to give her back her territory and keep her at her previous level. She wants to be partners and Maroni partially agreed as long as he was number 1 and she was number 2. Fish reluctantly accepted it until he kept calling her “babes” after she told him not to. The only thing she could do is shoot him in the head. After a few moments of shock, Maroni’s men started to shoot and everyone scattered. Falcone, Bullock, and Gordon fled. Falcone says he is ready to retire, but Cat finds them hiding in the street. They were brought back to Fish but a quickly interrupted by Penguin shooting at them. Fish runs out and Penguin follows her. They fought on top of the building when Butch arrives with a gun but is unsure who to point it at now. He ends up shooting both of them. Butch runs to apologize to Fish. She understands they did something to his mind so doesn’t blame him. Penguin comes up from behind to hit Butch. Fish and Penguin fight when Fish is pushed off the roof into the water below. Penguin gets up on the ledge (I wouldn’t with his leg/foot problems) and screams that he is the new King of Gotham.
Gordon & Falcone
At the end of the episode, Gordon and Falcone talk. Falcone is going to retire and leave the city to Gordon, a real lawman. A knife that Gordon’s father gave to Falcone was gifted back to Gordon. He said Gordon’s father was the most honest man he knew but he always carried a knife. Falcone was told by Gordon’s father that a knife can be your best friend when you have none. This is the start of Gordon taking over the city.
Barbara is still looking crazy after her time with the Ogre. Dr. Leigh was checking on her for physical injuries but encouraged her to get trauma therapy. Barbara said she was fine but when pressed she agreed as long as Dr. Leigh did it at Barbara’s home. Gordon and Dr. Leigh were not happy about it but it was for the good of Barbara. At her home, Barbara admitted that she knew about Leigh’s relationship with Gordon. She got Leigh to talk about it as part of an exchange for talking about what happened to her with the Ogre. Soon, Barbara admits that she killed her parents and that Jason (The Ogre) brought out her true self. Hearing that made Leigh nervous so, she tried to leave. Barbara chased her into the bathroom with a knife. When Barbara knocked down the door, they fought until Leigh knocked her out. Gordon came in with Bullock and Falcone. Bullock reminded him that he knew Barbara was trouble.
Ed Nygma was approached by Kristin Kringle. She noticed on the note left for her by the missing officer that the first letter of each line spells out Nygma’s name. He tried to play it off like he didn’t do it. She was annoyed and skeptical with him when she left. All of a sudden, Nygma started talking to himself as if he were 2 different people. He blamed the other for leaving that clue. The other said she would like him better if she was a little scared of him and that she treating him like crap anyway. I think the Riddler is coming out.
Bruce is still obsessed with finding out his father’s secret. He tears apart his father’s study looking for clues after remembering his father’s past habits. Bruce remembered that his father would lock himself in his study with classical music playing. Bruce was about to give up when Alfred said part of a proverb (There are none so blind…) and he thought of Marcus Aurelius, a famous Stoic.  Lucious Fox told him his father was a true Stoic so he found a book about it in the study. It had a remote control hidden inside it. When Bruce pressed it, classical music started to play and then the fireplace moved to reveal a secret tunnel. It looks like we have found the Bat Cave.