This should be an entertaining episode if it centers on conflict. It would be ironic if all the couples except Ryan and Jessica have real arguments.
There are psychology sessions for each person with Dr. Joseph Cilona. Dr. Logan said people will have conflict because we are all different but they need to learn to fight fairly and be respectful.

The Couples

Sean & Davina
mafs2-9dsPsychology Session: Sean feels that Davina is backing away from him. They have been focusing on the things in their lives together but not each other. Davina thinks everything is focused on Sean’s feelings and not hers. She is starting to think of him as weak. Dr. Joseph showed Davina the video of her in the interview process talking about looking for red flags that may not be there. He put it to them that both of them feel rejected. Sean needs to work on making his points whether Davina wants to hear it or not. They need to prioritize spending time together even if it means changing work schedules.
Davina bought sets of Legos that represent the country (him) and the city (her) for them to put together.
Ryan R. & Jaclyn
mafs2-9rjacJaclyn went to a conference and Ryan has not contacted her at all. Ryan said after they had sex Jaclyn was all over him and she may be too much for him to handle. This has made Jaclyn insecure and wondering whether he has lost interest. Ryan feels bad for hurting Jaclyn.
Psychology Session: Jaclyn felt that he backed off from her which made her want to put her wall back up like she started the experiment. Ryan started to miss his life before Jaclyn. When together, they talked about how their feelings had changed. Ryan apologized to Jaclyn.
Ryan thinks his politeness works against him in not wanting to say things that could hurt people. They are starting over.
Ryan D. & Jessica
mafs2-9rjessThe episode starts with Ryan listening to Jessica express her feelings.
Psychology Session: Jessica feels that Ryan’s temper makes it hard for her to talk to him. He has problems dealing with her lack of communication. Dr. Joseph said Jessica should write down all the words that Ryan should not use to her.
Jessica wrote her list and Ryan agreed. Jessica sat down to talk to Ryan’s mother. She suggested that Jessica and Ryan work on compromising and eventually it will take no effort to do so.