It is decision day. All of the couple spend time with their friends and family for advice.
I’m giving my predictions before watching the show. Generally, I think they will all choose to stay together. But, I think that Davina and Sean should get divorced. He’s going to want to take that promotion and at this point I don’t think Davina is willing to move to New Jersey.

The Couples

Sean & Davina

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The two of them decide to throw a message in a bottle into the ocean. These people do all these silly things to show they are committed to each other. It is the same beach Sean went to on the day he was matched with Davina. Sean went to his parents for advice and Davina to her best friend. They are both happy to be friends at this point in the process. Sean had to finally suck his toe to pay off his bet from earlier.
The experts think Sean and Davina started with a strong connection, but dealing with their emotions and Sean’s issues has been a problem.
On decision day, Sean said he found God again through this process which helped him. Davina and Sean decided to get divorced. Davina said she needs a strong man and Sean got annoyed. Now, the gloves are off. Sean didn’t like the way she spoke to people. She didn’t feel supported. He thought she needed things to go her way. When leaving they were not angry with each other but who knows when they get to the reunion show.
Davina and Sean are moving out. She felt he brought up things that they never talked about before. Luckily, they kept their own places while doing the experiment. Sean thinks there will be a time in future that they will talk again. I doubt that. They left their rings in the apartment.
Ryan R. & Jaclyn

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Both of them are concerned about Jaclyn’s aggressiveness and how they can work with that. Ryan wonders if he can deal with her and the distance from his family. Jaclyn doesn’t feel like she is a priority in his life especially in comparison to his family. Jaclyn said she is half Indian. I was wondering what she was because she looks so ethnic. She took Ryan to an Indian restaurant but he didn’t like the food.
The experts where worried at the beginning about Jaclyn’s willingness in the experiment. Then, it flipped. Ryan began to withdraw emotionally from the relationship just when Jaclyn was fully comfortable.
On decision day, Ryan and Jaclyn are staying married. They agreed that they still need to work on things.
Ryan D. & Jessica

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Jessica is still worried if the first 4 weeks of the experiment is representative of what their lives will be like. Jessica talked to her sister and Ryan to his friend. Ryan isn’t sure if Jessica is “the one”, but his friend in a long term relationship said he thinks the same thing in his own relationship. She said she won’t stay in a marriage if she thinks it isn’t right.
The experts thought their commitment to family would be a big thing they have in common. There were concerns in the beginning with the communication problems.
On decision day, Ryan and Jessica want to stay married. They both are willing to work on their communication issues. Greg mentioned that men are taught to be strong and asked Ryan what he learned in that respect in the relationship. Ryan learned that compromise and understanding the other person’s point of view. Eww, Ryan said this is just the first chapter in their journey and now they get to write the book. I hate phrases like that.