Davina and Sean's wedding photo magically falls off the wall (twice)

Davina and Sean’s wedding photo magically falls off the wall (twice)



I imagine this will be a mess. After hearing about the violent threats Ryan D. made towards Jessica and her family, I think the only civil couple will be Ryan R. and Jaclyn. The set up for the reunion show is bringing each person out individually, couples, and then all couples on stage at once. This year it is a 2 part reunion.

The Experts

There were 7,000 people who applied for this season of the show. Dr. Pepper and Dr. Logan were disappointed in some of what they saw when watching the show. I’m not surprised.

Sean & Davina

Sean got his promotion. He knows that part of the problem was his anxiety about moving to Manhattan. He just said he was anxious about meeting Davina today and starts to tear up. He cries so much.
Davina accused Sean of not being genuine and at the same time their wedding photo falls off the wall. Are you kidding? I know that’s staged. The crew had to come out in droves for some reason to fix it. She thinks he wasn’t interested in her. I don’t know why Dr. Logan is going so hard after Davina. I guess she thinks Davina isn’t taking the blame for anything. Oh it looks like the others agree as well.
When Sean came out, Davina had no desire to hear his apology. The picture falls again. It is all arguing about who was more engaged at various times. The experts went after Sean for not living with Davina. Sean and Davina think they spent 10-12 nights (out of 42) together. How could that possibly work out? You could see why they didn’t sleep together if they are never in the same house. Both of them said they wanted to but later did not. They ended with a hug.

Ryan D. & Jessica

After the experiment ended, Ryan didn’t want to live together right away. They didn’t spend Valentine’s Day together which was 2 weeks after it ended. Jessica found a Valentine’s Day card from another woman to Ryan. There has been no communication between them for the last 2 weeks. Her parents watched the show with her and her mother was upset at their arguments. Jessica was still happy to have done the experiment. Her communication skills have improved and it makes her a better person.
Ryan came out and his face was already red. He thinks that Jessica is a good person but for some reason the love isn’t there. The communication was the thing that made him angry.
I think the theme for Ryan is to be sorry for the way he treated Jessica. He tried to say she didn’t support him about something with his grandmother that he posted about on social media. Kevin Frazier, the host, said as your wife should she be involved and not have to read about it on social media. That stopped Ryan. Dr. Pepper thought Ryan would see himself when he was angry and want to change. His mother was upset about the show and the response he has gotten in social media. Oh no. Now, Ryan thinks Jessica has been acting this whole time. Dr. Logan went to bat for how authentic Jessica is. When Ryan is confronted about possibly seeing someone else, he wants to take a break and gets agitated with Kevin.