Heavenly (Dr. Heavenly) Kimes – Dentist
Husband: Dr. Damon Kimes – Emergency room Physician
Children: Damon Jr., Zachary, and Alaura
Dr. Heavenly’s daughter wants to be a singer one day so Heavenly tried to get her to sing on the spot but she didn’t. Heavenly was on the first cover of Hers Magazine.  She mentioned that Lisa Nicole was on the 4th one. Are there no other successful women in Atlanta that 2 out of 4 covers feature women on this reality show? There is going to be an event celebrating the cover girls for this magazine.
Quad Webb-Lunceford
Husband: Dr. Gregory Lunceford – Psychiatrist
Children: none
Quad met the private investigator in a parking lot at night (to add to the mystery of it all I guess). Both she and the PI are surprised by what is in Lisa Nicole’s past. We don’t get to know yet.
Toya Bush-Harris
Husband: Dr. Eugene Harris III – Emergency room Physician
Children: Ashton and Avery
Toya took her kids for a play date at her friend, Jill’s, house. Jill said she is book smart and Toya is street smart. I think she also said Toya wants what she has. That was surprising. She tried to tell Toya that going back to work is harder than she thinks.
Simone (Dr. Simone) Whitmore – OB/GYN Physician
Husband: Cecil
Children: Miles and Michael
Simone discussed the Toya meeting with Cecil. He told her she needs to working on controlling her outbursts. She agreed. Cecil is used to her “popping off” but he doesn’t know how he will in the future. Simone laughed saying he could pack his stuff and go. Cecil said when he comes home one day and packs up his stuff she will know he has seen his last pop off. They both laughed.
Lisa Nicole Cloud
Husband: Dr. Darren – Emergency room Physician
Children: DJ and Amira
Lisa Nicole was in her boutique getting ready for that event for Hers Magazine. Dr. Darren comes in talking about the work he did last night (with Lisa Nicole). I’m sure they put this in to respond to the cheating talk from last season. They want you to know they are happily married now.
Simone goes to Jackie’s house to talk about the meeting with Toya at the golf course. Jackie told her she is giving Toya too much power in her life. Simone mentioned that her father is an alcoholic and there are general trust issues. Toya took their friendship for granted and that’s why Simone is so mad. Jackie suggested she deal with her anger from the past before it takes over her life.
For some reason Quad and Simone go to an organic market together. Quad informs Simone that a PI was hired to check out Lisa Nicole. Now, Quad thinks Lisa Nicole is planting stories on blogs about Quad’s business not doing well. Quad states that it is not true.
Hers Magazine
Toya, her friend Jill, Heavenly, and Lisa Nicole are at the party. I think Jill is auditioning to be a new wife. Her husband is a plastic surgeon. Toya had to make fun of Lisa Nicole’s “1990s prom dress” in her interview. Jackie couldn’t attend because she is so busy at work she has to perform surgeries at night now. Toya and Jill sometimes go with their husbands to a strip club. Lisa Nicole doesn’t want to watch her husband watch naked woman. Toya said if she was Lisa Nicole she wouldn’t want to either. For some reason, they asked Dr. Damon, Dr. Heavenly’s husband, if he would be tempted by the strippers in his face. He replied that it would only make a guy want to go home to his woman. Right.
Simone and Cecil show up. Simone did a quick hello to Toya. Damon filled Cecil and Darren in on the strip club conversation. Cecil congratulated him on his answer while Darren said nothing. In the interview with Simone, Cecil said Darren looked confused on the notion of getting “revved up” at the club for your wife at home. He actually said maybe he does something different. Heavenly mentioned in her interview that Jackie hasn’t done much which is why she’s not on the cover of a magazine. Who honors their first 4 cover girls? I could see if it was an end of the year thing but the magazine has 6 issues a year.