Toya Bush-Harris
Husband: Dr. Eugene Harris III – Emergency room Physician
Children: Ashton and Avery
Dr. Eugene is skeptical of Dr. Jackie’s new fitness program. Toya harasses him by wanting to wear matching workout clothes. In their interview together, Toya and Eugene talk about how both of them have lost weight in the past. But, Eugene has gained it back and is working slowly to lose it again. He prefers his wife not bother him about it.
Heavenly (Dr. Heavenly) Kimes – Dentist
Husband: Dr. Damon Kimes – Emergency room Physician
Children: Damon Jr., Zachary, and Alaura
Dr. Heavenly is preparing to go on a date with her husband and her daughter wants to pick out her clothes. She criticizes her clothes and tries to show her how to walk in high heels. Remember that her daughter is 9 years old. I don’t wear high heels at all. I don’t see why I need to try to train myself to walk in such things.
At dinner, Heavenly tells her husband she wants to do more for people now that she is a certified relationship expert. He is concerned that she already has too much going on. I thought Heavenly just obeyed her husband but I guess not. She is fine with him staying home more and has no intention of doing less. Her mother told her men treat you differently if you are completely dependent on them so she is not willing to do that. Heavenly is committed to doing Jackie’s program but feels that she is too harsh on overweight people because she has no experience being one.
Simone (Dr. Simone) Whitmore – OB/GYN Physician
Husband: Cecil
Children: Miles and Michael
Dr. Simone bought herself a Maserati without telling her husband. She talked to her kids about the importance of an education so they can be like her. Simone said in the interview that when you have a good job like her you can afford the stuff they talk about in rap songs. That’s funny. Cecil, her husband, did end up test driving the car that was delivered to their home. I’m more like him where I like to do research before buying something big like that. Simone just wants something that looks good and she looks good in.
Quad-Lisa Nicole Meeting
Quad invited Lisa Nicole out to eating and discuss their problems. You know this will be a mess. Lisa Nicole asked for her husband to stop by in case there is trouble. I would think the last thing she would want is her husband to get involved in a potential physical altercation. When Lisa Nicole walks up, Quad acts happy to see her. They even share a hug that lasts too long. Once they start to talk about whether Lisa Nicole is a friend or interested in doing business with Quad, it becomes hostile. Quad mentions that Lisa Nicole has a battery charge from March 2007 for attacking her husband. In the interview, Lisa Nicole said the charges were dismissed and expunged from her record. All of a sudden everyone has a folder of information to quote from. It’s funny like they are lawyers with evidence. Uh oh, Darren has child out of wedlock? Lisa says no. She actually said the woman was a hood rat, like Quad, trying to pin a kid on him. Things have escalated to Lisa throwing water in Quad’s face with an allegation of a lesbian relationship between Quad and Mariah. Darren had to come out and break up the start of a physically fight between Quad and Lisa. Wow, I’m shocked. Quad is being led away by a producer while Lisa screams that Quad is a hood rat from Tennessee and is being restrained by Darren.
After the meeting with Quad, Lisa Nicole talks to her husband, Darren. Now the story is that a woman was calling her husband, she got upset, she threw things, Darren called the police, she was arrested, anger management classes, and charges were dropped. Lisa thinks people “on her team” are leaking things to Quad. The illegitimate child comment comes back. Darren got tested and he is not the father.
Fit is the New It Weigh In
Jackie put out food that is healthy and not healthy on a table to see what people chose to eat. Some of Jackie’s patients are there. Jackie, Simone, and Heavenly call to see if Quad is coming, but she is at the police station. Quad got a cut on her face from the glass Lisa Nicole threw. That is not good. Toya asked Quad what she did to get Lisa to that point. Toya is the only one interested in this fitness program. There is circuit training along with people being weighed and measured. At the end of the day, Toya decided that she and Heavenly should talk to Lisa and Simone and Jackie talk to Quad.