Dating Naked Season 2 starts July 22nd on Vh1. Since I was reviewing it last year, I will continue to do so. To remind you of what happened last season, I am tweeting the links to last year’s reviews every day (starting tomorrow) until the new episode.
This season is going to be different. I’m still not sure of all the details. From what I understand, there will be 2 main contestants (Chris & Kerri) and each week new people will come onto the island all fighting to win one of the main people. The ads say the main contestants will go on 20 days. I think it’s good to have people on the island longer. Last season, there wasn’t much drama. Once you get used to the fact that they are naked it was just another dating show. Having the people around longer will allow for the jealously to fester, with the help of alcohol.
Below is an ad for the new season: