Quad Webb-Lunceford
Husband: Dr. Gregory Lunceford – Psychiatrist
Children: none
Quad was asked to do a photo shoot in Los Angeles and write a piece for BCBG. It seems to be a fashion magazine. I’m not into fashion so I don’t know how big it is.
Lisa Nicole Cloud
Husband: Dr. Darren – Emergency room Physician
Children: DJ and Amira
Lisa Nicole prepares for her son’s birthday party. He wants his VIP guests (Lisa, sister, grandmother, etc.) to have special prizes like from Dollar Tree. Dr. Darren will not be at the party.
Jacqueline (Dr. Jackie) Walters – OB/GYN Physician
Husband: Curtis
Children: Kursten (step)
Her father is living with a caregiver a mile away. The family came from Mississippi to visit. They all met at her house. Of course, it is a sad section. The family is basically leaving the hard decisions to Jackie since she is a doctor.
Drs. Simone and Jackie discuss her father’s Alzheimer’s. Jackie is struggling to deal with her feelings as a doctor and a daughter. Simone thinks of how it semi-parallels the fact her father was taken from her by alcoholism.
Quad in LA
For some reason, Quad invited Simone and Jill to go with her. Her stylist, Jeremy, is also along telling stories about Quad and informing Jill what a thot is (that hoe over there). This shoot for Quad seems to be a big deal because so many people are there. Even the Chief Creative Officer for BCBG is there. As soon as Jill and Simone get to the hotel, they are given alcohol right away. Simone spilled her drink on the couch or something already. Quad took the ladies to the home of the Chief Creative Officer. Quad is on the way up for sure. Jill announces she is having an event promoting women in some way. Quad walks away at the idea that all the women are invited. Jill tried to say that she would not invite Lisa if that means that Quad will come. Quad still was offended.
Lisa Nicole’s Kid Birthday Party
Toya and Heavenly showed up, with their kids. Toya is surprised, as I am, that Jill went with Quad to LA instead of Toya. She thinks it’s because they went to see Lisa Nicole first after the altercation. The party has the kids making their own pizza. While the party is going on, the women talk to Lisa Nicole about who is getting charged. If the police charge Lisa then Quad will be charged too. I’m sure Quad will drop it if that is the case. The mothers are talking smack about which kid is going to win at musical chairs. Lisa Nicole wanted the moms to do it too but she pulled the chair out from under Heavenly.