Left to right: DJ, Harley, Brad, Johanna.

Kerri feels the first deep connection with Mason. Chris keeps talking about how amazing Fallon looks and now she is putting him in “yoga” positions. With Chris’s interest in Fallon, Kerri doesn’t think that she is the right girl for him. He feels better that Kerri is putting her feelings for him to the side so he has no problems now with showering with Fallon.
Date #1: Chris & Johanna (Miami, FL)
First thing she says is she likes his package. Both of them have large families so they are connecting in that way. I don’t know what game they are playing for their date. They are just throwing giant ball around. She was engaged for 3 years but was cheated on. Before she even gets to the house, Johanna warns us of her temper. I guess it’s that stereotypical Latin (Spanish & Cuban) blood.
Date #1: Kerri & DJ (Detroit, MI)
DJ has DJ tattooed where his chest and shoulders meet. He said he’s a great catch and you won’t find another guy like him. He just quoted the BeeGees. She feels the nervousness in him. The date was making sand art on a large scale. They poured sand on each other. Kerri didn’t feel a romantic connection.
Island House (After Date 1)
Did Fallon just make some kind of rude comment about Johanna with Spanish words? I don’t speak Spanish so I have no idea but she is not happy that she had a fun date with Chris. Kerri is spending time with Mason. Fallon’s plan is to get Johanna drunk while Fallon drinks water. The plan worked so now she know just how to “approach” Chris to get him where she wants him. Chris is shocked by how drunk and vulgar Johanna is being.
Date #2: Chris & Harley (Oahu, HI)
Chris likes the fact that Harley is a little nervous to be naked. He taught her how to limbo. She grew up in a nudist colony, of course. I guess she is smart because she said she started college at 15 although she was probably home schooled. Oh and she is a stripper.
Date #2: Kerri & Brad (Fairmont, WV)
I wasn’t surprised in the least when Brad said he models hair. He is surprisingly nervous. They jumped onto a giant inflatable for the date. His roommate is his ex-girlfriend and they sleep in the same room. But everything is platonic now. Brad actually said to Kerri if you get the one you get both of us.
Island House (After Date 2)
Fallon is ready to pounce on Harley. Kerri decides to mention the age gap between her and Mason. He tries to show that he is mature beyond his age. Chris turned the tables on Fallon asking what is the difference between modelling lingerie (Fallon) and stripping. Fallon doesn’t see it as the same. The day’s activity is a lap dance. Fallon’s words rang in Chris’s ears.
The Decision:
I knew that Kerri would get rid of DJ and Brad. Fallon still has a hold on Chris so that choice wasn’t in doubt. Harley started to cry when he said she’s not what he wants.