There is a new headline attached to Gotham: Rise of the Villains. I guess that means we will see the villains start to take shape. A few people (Penguin, Nygma, etc.) started to show their evilness. I think it will be entertaining. I’m interested on what they will do with Selina (Cat) and Barbara.
We left Bruce when he and Alfred found what we assume is the bat cave. Now he just needs the combination to the door. Gordon visits him to say he has been fired and cannot fulfill his promise to find who murdered his parents. His only option to be a cop again is to do something against his morals. Bruce told him he is putting his personal views ahead of the greater good. For some reason, Alfred keeps calling Bruce a child. I think the actor is taller than he was. He is obsessed with opening this locked door to find out what his father has in there. Bruce, with help from Alfred, constructs a bomb to break into room. They found a letter that his father wrote to him when he was 12 years old. It urged him to seek happiness instead of truth unless he has a “true calling”. The entry code was Bruce. He didn’t try that?
She is in Arkham with Jerome (The Joker). He tries to get her to befriend someone he works for because she needs a friend. She showed how easy it was for her to find a friend. But he can get her things so she is interested. I wonder what he wants in return. Why would they make her uniform a skirt? It is actually stripped. Barbara gets the phone she wanted and uses it to call Gordon and Dr. Leigh. She wants Gordon to save her and Leigh to die.
He has been demoted to directing traffic. A fellow officer taunts him and Gordon minorly assaults him. That was all he needed to get fired by Commissioner Loeb. Bullock left and is working in a bar. Gordon went to Penguin for help with Loeb but the price of being his debt collector was just too much. After listening to Bruce, he decides to go collect the money for Penguin and kills the bad guy. Oops.
His evil side is trying to take over.  It is talking to him when he looks in the mirror.
He has Butch and Cat working for him. Penguin is becoming a boss. It’s nice of Penguin to go take care of Loeb himself with Zsasz. They decapitated his protective guard. Penguin is so good. Loeb was begging to do whatever Penguin wanted so he wouldn’t be killed. Loeb is forced to resign, Essen is promoted to replace him, and Gordon is reinstated.
Theo Galavan
Zordaan (the soul reaper) attacks people on the street, gets put in Arkham, and dies with blue gas coming from his mouth. It all started when Galavan, whom he called master, gave him a potion to drink. We next see Galavan speaking at Loeb’s farewell press conference. He is a scientist and new to the city. His remarks about Gotham are glowing. With Arkham gassed, prisoners were kidnapped by a Tabitha, Theo’s sister. The prisoners taken were Barbara and The Joker’s crew. Theo wants to have a band of crafty criminals to get revenge on Gotham for something. Barbara’s boyfriend refused and was hacked to death by Tabitha.