Emma (Past)

In Minneapolis (1989), Emma stole a candy bar from someone in a movie theater. A man dressed like an usher came to tell her, while watching a King Arthur cartoon (The Sword in the Stone), that one day she will have the opportunity to remove Excalibur but she should not.  Her evil deeds will cause issues.
Emma (Present)
Last season, the Darkness took Emma up leaving her dagger behind. She ended up in The Enchanted forest. The voice of the dark one (in the form of Rumple) guides her as she tries to find Camelot. On the way, she meets Merida (Scottish princess from the movie, Brave) who takes the magic flying glowing being, wisp, that could lead Emma to Merlin.  After refusing to fight Merida for it, Merida offers that they journey together to return the being and potentially both get their wishes. Merida explains that the wisp grants wishes to whoever returns them home. Later that night, The Dark Voice tells Emma that the wisp will be Merida’s as long as she lives. Emma speaks out loud to him so Merida knows she is in danger. Early in the morning, Merida leaves without Emma. Merida arrives at the Hill of Stones which kind of looks like Stonehenge.  Using the Dark One powers, Emma was able to join her. To defend herself, Merida shot arrows at Emma which Emma caught. Just as Emma had taken the heart out of Merida, the crew shows up. Hook and Snow White talk her down from killing Merida. Merida is free to use the wisp to help her save her kidnapped brothers. Emma gives the dagger to Regina in case a hard decision needs to be made. I love it. Regina needs to be in power.
Belle doesn’t want to go on the search for Emma since Rumple is dying. Blue gave her a rose in a glass case that will lose all its petals when he dies. It’s just like the Disney cartoon.
The dagger is not able to call Emma back from the world she is in. They go to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice who gives them a wand to go to The Enchanted forest to find Emma. Every new season starts with having to find way to get to the world someone was taken to. It needs evil and good magic. Unfortunately, Regina is not evil enough anymore to wield it. They ask Zelena but Regina is not willing to let her out. Hook and Henry hatch a plan to let her loose. The woman running the “hospital” that Regina keeps people in is named Nurse Ratched, of course.
Zelena has a protection spell on her heart so Hook could not use his magic potion to grab it. She takes his knife, cuts off her hand, and removes the band Regina put on her to prevent her from using magic. You know she was able to just put the hand back on. She did it right in front of Hook.  The first thing Zelena does is go to Robin disguised as Regina. He knew it wasn’t Regina when he kissed her. Zelena used him as a hostage so Regina would give her the wand. She did. Zelena wants to return to Oz to raise her baby. Regina knew that her opening the portal would weaken her so she could capture her again. Now they have a portal to try to find Emma.
You know the way they go to The Enchanted is by a giant tornado. Everyone went into Granny’s. Leroy and the other dwarves confront Snow White about being left out of the adventures. The band is back together. Regina used the Emma’s baby blanket as the object to locate Emma. After find Emma, as explained above, they are approached by Arthur and his knights. Merlin foretold of their arrival and they escort them to Camolot.
Six weeks later, Granny’s is back in Storybrook. Everyone is in Camelot type clothing and no memory of their time there. Emma shows up, in full Dark One gear, saying they failed to keep her from succumbing to the Darkness. Now she is going to punish them. Regina no longer has the dagger.