Camelot (6 Weeks Ago)
For some reason Merlin is trapped in a tree. The prophecy says The Savior will free him. Regina stepped up to say she was The Savior since Emma is now the Dark One. A ball is thrown in their honor. One of King Arthur’s men gave Regina a necklace to wear to honor her as The Savior. Snow and David had to show her how to dance but the pendant in the necklace is allowing the guy who gave her the necklace to watch her. He may be evil or Merlin and now he knows Regina is just pretending to be The Savior.
The man turns out to be a boy whose village was destroyed by the Evil Queen. He tried to attack her but Robin was stabbed instead. David killed the guy. I guess this is where the life comes from that the Fury was collecting. Emma used her dark magic to save Robin but now she is starting to physically turn into the Dark One. King Arthur apologized for the actions of one of his people. Regina told him she was the Evil Queen but he seems to think that’s fine. We did find out that Excalibur’s missing piece is the Dark One’s dagger. He wants to make the sword whole again. Guinevere doesn’t trust these new people.
Hook is trying to find a way to save Emma. She took him to her new home. It’s not a nice looking place. Rumple would have had a castle for sure. Hook refuses to be with her in this state. He tells Belle he will spend his life trying to rescue Emma.
Dopey was forced to cross the town line to see what would happen if they try to leave. He was fine for a second and then turned into a tree right in the middle of the road.
Emma created this new curse and erased everyone’s memories. She told Henry he was the only one that didn’t fail her. Emma taunted Regina saying she could never be the Savior to break this new curse. Oh, King Arthur, his knights, and some of his people are now in Storybrook. Some kind of flying demon woman kidnapped Robin. The demon is a fury. Furies take people to the underworld and the price to get them back is someone’s life. Belle found this out from reading. She is so helpful to them. I don’t know what Regina will do. It seems the reason the fury came was because someone used magic in Camelot and this was the price. They track down the fury and Regina offers her life in exchange for Robin’s. As her life is being taken Snow and the crew join hands with her. Somehow it was too much for the fury and she disappeared. Now people believe Regina can be the Savior.
Back at Granny’s, everyone is there. Henry even got to hang out with the girl, Violet, he met at the ball. She doesn’t remember it. Poor Emma sees everyone having fun and wishes she could be with them. The voice of Darkness (in the form of Rumple) revealed that the one thing that stops the Dark Ones: goodness. Goodness from family, friends and people, like Belle and Hook, who love them. The way to stop the Light is to join the dagger and Excalibur together again. When Emma tried to remove the sword from the stone, it sent her flying back. Remember in the last episode when that random guy told Emma not to mess with sword? Uh oh.