The new captain is trying to bankrupt Penguin. The guys counting money for Penguin are in their underwear. It makes sense to keep them from stealing things. Now that they are on a roll, Gordon and the team hit a warehouse that was protected by the city council. One of the brothers in the city’s most well-known arsonist team was at the warehouse picking up supplies. They shot him which set off the explosive he was stealing. Shouldn’t the captain be at the office and not running around town with Gordon? Since Gordon is in charge of the police man’s union, Galvan tried to get Gordon to endorse him. Gordon wants to stay out of politics. Leigh said he should be flattered that he is so respected in the community.
He is not letting Penguin know where his mother is. They kidnapped a Wayne Enterprises employee to get information about the company and Bruce. Tabitha has a new job for Penguin…arson. Butch uses Selina to get an audience with the city’s top arsonists. It’s a few brothers whose sister, Bridget, used to hang out with Selina. The sister is a mess now. She’s obviously their slave/housekeeper. Now that the one brother is dead she is taking his place. They tried to tell her it’s the family business but apparently she’s not really their family. Since she didn’t want to be family they offered to put her out on the streets to earn money. She chose to stay family.
She actually completed the task of sneaking in the first of five buildings they were planning to blow up. Bridget rigged it up the explosives and opened the safe with that Wayne employee’s eye. The eye looked huge. I don’t know how big eyes are supposed to be. It may not be a human one that they used in the show. The safe had a large old knife in it that she took with her. On the way out her legs got burned. The girl made herself a fire resistant suit to protect herself from fire. Gordon found out all the buildings where owned by Wayne Enterprises. On the last trip out they were found by Gordon and Bullock. Her “brothers” drove off and she accidentally set one of the cops on fire when trying to get away. Selina was watching nearby and helped her escape. The cop died and now Gordon goes to Galvan for the promise of help. He will endorse him. Some evil monk wants Bruce dead.
Kristin and Nygma are now an actual couple. Nygma invited Gordon and Leigh to dinner. Leigh offered her house for fondue. I’ve never had fondue. Leigh has noticed the change in Nygma’s personality.
Penguin got the knife stolen from that safe. Butch brought in a woman from his neighborhood who is an expert in antiques. She told of a story of how 200+ years ago that knife was used to cut the hand off a man accused of assaulting a woman in the Wayne family. The man said they were in love but she said he forced himself on her. That man’s family was another powerful family in Gotham and they were all banished to Europe. An order of religious people, not sure if they are monks or priests, took them in since they worship the family’s patron saint. Their name was removed from Gotham history. The people changed their name and as you guessed their new name is Galavan. Penguin wants Galvan to believe his is so paranoid that he fired Butch as a traitor. Butch is to join Galavan’s group and find out where Penguin’s mother is being kept. To convince him, he cut off Butch’s hand.