Camelot (Long Ago)
Merlin had the dagger of the Dark One and cursed him for making him lose the love of his life. Something stopped him from stabbing the Dark One. The Dark One used one of Merlin’s tears to trap him inside a tree. Merlin looks ethnic. This Dark One had on a gold mask, but I doubt it’s Rumple. I’m sure we will find out who it is later.
Camelot (Weeks Ago)
Emma saw Merlin’s story in a dreamcatcher. She was able to stop Regina from giving the dagger to her parents. She froze them in time. Regina suggested that another tear could free Merlin. They used a dreamcatcher to show Regina when Cora killed Daniel and tried one of her tears. Her pain wasn’t strong enough to get the job done. Emma figured it was because she got over it and we in love with Robin now.
Henry accidentally let Violet’s horse out. Violet’s father, Sir Morgan, is not too happy about this “writer” hanging out with his daughter. He wants her to end up with a knight. At first he tried to be more like a hero but his mothers convinced him to be himself (the stranger from another land). So to impress her Henry made a dinner for Violet at Granny’s. She was not happy to realize he was courting her. She just wants to be friends. Henry’s recent rejection allowed for his tear to be used to save Merlin. Emma was able to free Merlin and he said, “I’ve been waiting for you Emma.” So we know that Emma, and not some random Savior, was supposed to free him. He can remove the darkness from Emma but she needs to be ready to give it up.
Everyone discovers that Arthur’s man is gone. He said he must have had magic to get home. Yeah right. Snow wants to throw a ball to cheer up the people from Camelot. Henry invited Violet to the ball, but her horse is missing and she doesn’t want to have fun. Henry runs to Emma to help him find it. Peter Peter just happens to have a pumpkin patch/shop and Violet’s horse loves pumpkins. Henry rides the horse to the party. I guess he can just ride a horse? The horse is returned, her father is happy, and Henry gets a kiss on the cheek.
At the same time, Regina and everyone sneak into Emma’s house. Hook found a dreamcatcher and Regina knows they are powerful. Regina and Robin look into a dream catcher. It showed how Emma took Violet’s heart out to make her break Henry’s heart so she could get his tear. And Henry saw it oops. Emma got told off by Regina. She let slip that it was to free Merlin. Regina wants to know why she is not free of the dark one then.
Belle asks the crew to help find Rumple. They eventually figure out that Emma has him and that the dagger and Excalibur have the same design. Now everyone, not just Arthur, want to unite them to potentially save Emma. They don’t know that Merida is being forced to train Rumple. Merida is trying to find a way to motivate Rumple. She even went through the story book to read about his life. Now that he’s not the dark one he has an injured leg and can barely walk. Ha, Merida got the chipped cup. He got up and started to fight.