Camelot (6 Weeks Ago)
Merlin was able to free Lancelot and Merida. To escape them, Merida hit Belle on the head and kidnapped her to help her rescue her brothers. Everyone knows how smart Belle is so I guess she wanted to use that. Using magic, they found in some witch’s house, Merida saw that her brothers will be executed if she doesn’t change their fate. Belle is supposed to figure how to make this potion to turn Merida into a bear for the strength to defeat the men. Belle is telling her the shooting skill Merida has is enough to win. Merida’s father died when she failed to shoot an arrow at his assailant. The potion was switched so Merida had to save her brothers using her skills. Everyone bowed down and she is sending Belle home.
I don’t know how I missed it but Merlin was the usher in the movie theater who told Emma not to mess with Excalibur. Her being the Dark One makes it even more important.
Rumple broke his chipped cup to get free from Merida. Emma now commands her to kill Belle. Rumple finds his way to Belle and tells her she is in danger. They make it to his shop but soon Merida is there with her arrows after Belle. They escape and Rumple tries to drive himself and Belle out of Storybrook but she got out. She refuses to leave her friends. On the way back, Merida was there and she took a potion to turn her into a giant bear (the right one this time). You know Rumple came back to use the magic he took from the shop to save her from Merida-Bear.
Emma visits Zelena in “prison” and whisks her off to get her help. Emma wants her as an ally but she refused even with the promise of her freedom. After defeating Merida, Rumple agreed to remove Excalibur if Emma returned Merida’s heart to her. Emma says her brothers are safe with their mother. Rumple said his goodbyes to Belle in case he was not able to remove the sword. But, he did. He actually seems like a proper hero now. He plans to take down Emma. She said all the heroes in town have not been able to stop her. But Rumple replies with none of them are me. Uh oh.
Regina tells everyone that Emma let it slip that she freed Merlin. They want to use Arthur to summon him again. The only people that can call on Merlin are ones he has chosen. They let Arthur use the toadstool but he just tried to burn it. Now they know that he is not trustworthy. Regina remembers that they have The Author in town (i.e. Henry). He uses the partially burned toadstool to summon Merlin. Unfortunately, all they get is a message. Like Princess Leia’s message to Obi-Wan Kenobi. He assumes things are bad and says only Nimue can help them defeat the Dark One. If you saw the Merlin miniseries, like I did, you know that Nimue was the love of Merlin’s life. I wonder if she was the Dark One that put him in that tree. Which is why he stopped and wasn’t able to use the dagger. I looked up Nimue and saw it was a name used for the Lady of the Lake in some stories.