First let me say I didn’t see the Disney movie, Brave, that was about Merida. Apparently, in the movie, several of her family members were turned into bears. I was wondering why bears where brought up so much in this episode so that is probably why. Her land and family name seems to be DunBrock. I don’t understand why she was Queen when her mother was still alive but I guess people do that.
DunBrock (Years earlier)
Merida’s father went to a witch for some magic to help him win the war. He signed a promissory note to pay for a magic helmet. Merida was going into her first battle when he instructed Milan to teach her how to fight. Of course Milan shows up. She must just travel the lands looking for wars to fight in. It seems that part of Milan’s job was to keep Merida out of the way during the battle. Merida hears the horns and gets there just in time to see her father killed by a soldier. She had tried to shoot an arrow to kill the killer but she missed and it got part of his clothing. The soldier steals the magic helmet.
At Merida’s coronation, the witch comes back to collect the money owed to her. Since the king is dead, and they don’t have the money, Merida needs to find this helmet to return it to the witch. If not, all the kingdom will be turned into bears. Merida went to find Milan who has turned into some kind of bandit or bounty hunter. She agreed to help Merida, for money for no questions to be asked about her. Zelena and Arthur are also searching for this magic helmet. The witch, not Zelena, told them that Merida was looking for it. Zelena is ready to take on Merida. She stole Merida’s bow, her father’s possession, to locate the helmet. Arthur wants it because it forces men to fight for you. Merida is not happy that her father may have used it. Merida runs home.
Milan goes to the witch to find out the owner of the cloth they found on Merida’s old arrow. Milan finds a wolf who turns out to be Ruby (Little Red Riding Hood). She returned to the Enchanted Forest after Snow & David’s son’s naming ceremony. She wanted to find more of her kind but she was trapped by that witch. Because she is a wolf, she was able to track down the owner of the cloth. Merida, Mulan, and Ruby are led to Arthur and Zelena. Arthur was the killer and they found the helmet in a lake. It seems Merida’s father didn’t use the helmet after all. While Merida and Arthur fight, Ruby hits Zelena with sleeping dust. When awaking, Zelena find Arthur surrounded and whisks them away. Merida’s subjects came to help her since she is their queen.
The whole story with the witch was a test to see if Merida had what it took to be queen. The witch gave Merida some legendary ale to allow her to speak with her father. He said he was proud of her and her words made him change his mind about using the helmet that day in battle. Milan went off with Ruby to help her find other wolves. Milan’s anger previously was over losing Aurora. Merida now promises to get revenge on Arthur.