Camelot (Up to the Present)
Emma found Hook after he turned into a Dark One. She lost Excalibur but she wants them to be together. However, Emma lied to Hook and she actually had Excalibur. He doesn’t trust her any more so he left her. Emma had to use Excalibur to call Hook to her. You know that just made him angrier. She returned the sword to him and they agreed they still love each other.
It was all a trick on Hook’s part. He wanted to get back to Merlin and start his own curse. You need to crush the heart of the thing you love most to do a curse as well all know. Since, Nimue was a Dark One and all Dark Ones are one, it was like she was crushing Merlin’s heart. Nimue told Merlin she still loved him. Poor Emma still loves Hook and fell for his lies. She put Hook in a trance and took the memories of everyone who knew that she turned Hook into a Dark One. The curse affected everyone. At the end, we see everyone lying on the floor of Granny’s just like the series started.
Now everyone knows that Hook is the Dark One. His first act was to tie up Emma and put the band on her so she can’t use her magic. A dream catcher was used to take some of her memories. Then, he went to find Rumple so they could finish their feud on Hook’s ship. The crew is looking for a way to learn about Nimue. Lancelot magically appeared and is going to find the Lady of the Lake, his mother, for help.
Rumple wants to stay behind to prepare for the battle with Hook. He told Belle that he needs to do this to end it and to show he deserves her. If he wins he will meet Belle at the place they got married if she still wants him. Rumple and Hook meet on Hook’s ship. Rumple managed to get Hook on the ground and the sword to his throat. But, Hook disappeared. Belle tells Rumple she needs to protect her heart for once. They will probably get back together at some point though.
Regina hid Zelena’s baby. Regina and Robin agreed to let Zelena see her kid as long as one of them is there. They hope having the child will change her like Henry changed Regina.
For some reason they left Merida to protect Emma; Hook just pushed her aside. His mission is to hurt Emma. He got right in her face and said she will always be an orphan. Emma asked Henry to help her find the dream catchers that Hook had hidden. He wants to do a locator spell, but he needs items from Rumple’s shop. He’s happy that Emma is including him. Earlier he yelled at her saying she should have come to her family for help instead of taking their memories and doing it alone. The dream catchers are in the clock tower with a protect spell. With the dream catchers, Emma gives everyone back their memories. Now she remembers what Hook’s plan is as a Dark One. Hook needed the blood of someone that had been to hell and back (i.e. Rumple). He and the voice of Rumple wait at a lake which is the entrance to the underworld. Who comes to sure, in the flesh, but Nimue and she brought all the past Dark Ones. They are planning to attack Storybrook.