It’s season 3 but this time they are in Atlanta. I think that will help. Part of the issues last season was with people not wanting to move from where they had been. At least this way it won’t be too far to go. All the experts are back: Sexologist, Dr. Logan Levkoff; spiritualist, Greg Epstein; psychologist, Dr. Joseph Cilona; and sociologist, Dr. Pepper Schwartz. Wow, they actually set up workshops for dating and then find out it’s for Married at First Sight. I bet those people were shocked. They said they wanted to get to people who wouldn’t normally go out for a reality show. I know they don’t want people who just want to be on TV.


Final 6

Vanessa – 26 – Corporate Event Planner
She was mostly shown in the early parts doing yoga so I thought she was a yoga instructor but she is actually a corporate even planner. She wants a man that will respect her and her personal goals. Her mother is concerned about her doing the experiment. Her parents divorced which ended her relationship with her father.
Neil– 31 Laboratory Compliance Specialist
Neil has this crazy beard that he cuts down on the show. I guess it was to make him stand out and have a little story for the pre-show. Compliance specialist in a lab? Like QA? He used to be career focused but now he wants to deal with his personal life. So why not get married at first sight then? His grandparents, who are Indian, had an arranged marriage. He asked his ex-girlfriend to speak to Dr. Pepper since they are still friends. The mother is worried and the friends seem excited about his upcoming marriage.
Ashley – 30 – Nursing Student
She used to be a social worker but decided to go back to school for nursing. Her twin brother has cerebral palsy and she is very Christian. Both her mother and stepfather are happy that she is happy with her decision.
David – 29 – Software Account Executive
David says he overcommits too soon so it makes sense he would want to marry at first sight. His friends don’t think he should do this experiment, but his mother is all for it. The experts said he idealizes his parent’s marriage. The father died when he was 7 years old.
Samantha – 30 – Bank Manager
Sam is from a military family so she moved around and is comfortable with strangers. She was raised Jewish but is fine with marrying someone of other faiths as long as they let her believe what she believes. Her grandmother was for her doing the experiment and soon after she decided to do it, she died. She is looking for someone similar to her grandfather so she can have that same kind of caring relationship. The mother seems upset and just saying she is concerned. Her mother wanted her to be in love when she got married.
Tres – 27 – Luxury Car Salesman
Tres is biracial (Black/White). He was left by his mother at 3 and took his white looking sister with her. He thinks her family was racist. She came back when he was 12 and then slowly left again. I don’t remember him mentioning his sister again. The father’s mother and sisters raised Tres. He was around but had other kids as well. Because of all that it’s not surprising Tres has problems trusting people. The family is shocked that he wants to marry a stranger but they are willing to support him. The friends are skeptical.

The Couples up to the Wedding

Tres & Vanessa
mafs3-1 tres+vanessaThe experts think Tres is the man of character that Vanessa wants. Both of them are thoughtful people. Tres’s best friend is getting married as well so they go shopping together for suits. He wants to sleep with his wife on the first night. Vanessa is at a drag bar for part of her bachelorette party. At first, Tres is all into the wedding day shaking hands with everyone on Vanessa’s side of the aisle. But, he had to step away during the vows. Uh oh.
David & Ashley
mafs3-1 david+ashleyAccording to the experts, Ashley is guarded and David could be the one to bring her out of it. She has decided to care for people and David wants someone that is caring. Both think of career and family as priorities. Ashley was not happy that her friends had strippers (I guess) for her. They didn’t take their clothes off; she just left the room. At the same time, it looks as though David is on a party bus.
On the morning of the wedding, Ashley is finishing her homework. David’s mom was crying before the wedding thinking about how his father is not there. I’m not sure if his discomfort at that moment was because she was crying or because she was crying on TV. If that makes him uncomfortable let’s see how the rest of the season goes. David actually sent a note to “whoever is walking his bride down the aisle”. He won over the parents that way.
Neil & Sam
mafs3-1 neil+samBoth are educated and of mixed backgrounds (Hispanic/Jewish & Indian/White). Every time an expert mentions them as a couple they said they are both quirky. Neil had a belly dancer at his bachelor party but it’s awkward. Sam is taking a stripper dance lesson. She wants a dress with lots of lace like her grandmother did. I was almost concerned because Neil’s brother has cerebral palsy and I was afraid Sam did too but I realized it was Ashley. I thought to match them because of that would have been too much. They were happy with the gifts they received from each other. He gave her one big and one little spoon. I didn’t get the significance but Neil said he was ready to meet his little spoon. She gave him a painting and he paints in his spare time.