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The next day, the experts video chat with the couples to give them a pep talk. Also they try to remind them this experiment is a process. This episode is the wedding night, post wedding brunch (whatever that is), and the start of the honeymoon.


The Couples

Neil & Sam

mafs3-3snSam is not attracted to Neil but she is willing to see how it goes. Neil came out with a red onesie on as a joke. Sam is not interested in consummation. They are going to St. Croix for the honeymoon. Wow, so Sam thought it was only right to tell Neil that she wasn’t physically attracted to him before they went on their honeymoon. He was surprised but took it much better than he could have. The theme for them and David & Ashley is that attraction could grow over time. At the island, they are snorkeling and the guy driving the boat mentioned sharks. I’m sure people want to hear about sharks before they get in the water. Sam gets in just to show she wants to be involved. However, Neil was not as attentive to her as she wanted to make sure she was ok. Neil doesn’t feel the connection between them. They used the pillows to create a barrier down the middle of the bed. Then, they used them to have a pillow fight. Sam’s father wants them to take the time to get to know each other and ask the important questions.


David & Ashley

 mafs3-3daAshley is liking David and thinks love and attraction could grow. Eww, David said he was meant to be a husband. They have been married for a day. There was no consummation. Arizona is their honeymoon destination. I never thought of that as a vacation place. They are very smiley and laughing a lot. Bike riding is there first activity. She is a vegetarian. They had a shot of pea/chili soup and David didn’t like it. He did say if Ashley made it he probably would like it better. Ashley’s mother said at the brunch that she felt like the families matched well too.


 Tres & Vanessa


They seem to like each other the most out of the couples. There was no consummation at least that is what they said. I’m not sure how long that will last. They are going to St. John for their honeymoon. I think they are bird watching or something. I’m not sure. Uh oh, Tres admitted to having been a party guy. They have a serious conversation about motives for being on the show and getting married. Tres said he was looking for a serious relationship not really marriage but the show seemed interesting. Now, Vanessa is concerned about the marriage. I never remember Vanessa’s name. It’s like she doesn’t exist on the show. I thought during the special too. I didn’t remember anything about her. I thought she was a yoga teacher since all they showed her doing was yoga. Tres’s family invited Vanessa and her family. Vanessa and Tres where holding hands during the brunch.