Agenda / Comments

I feel like in this season the couples are talking to the experts more than they had in the past. Maybe the experts want to have more one on one contact during the process so they don’t get the problems that occurred last season. Lots of the problems from last season did seem to fester over time.


The Couples


Neil & Sam

mafs3-4snSam had a tooth issue so they had to find a dentist. She is peppering him with comments about his masculinity. They were matched partly because she is so blunt and he is passive. Neil isn’t even wearing his ring. I think Sam forgot that she didn’t find a “manly man” to marry so she should probably see how this goes. She is tearing into him for speaking up about her rudeness. That is crazy. If I was him I would say I’m tired of your crap. Where is my check? Sam calls her dad and Neil calls his friend to discuss their issues. Sam’s dad is trying to tell her it takes time. Sam almost killed them driving back to the hotel. Neil’s calm voice told her to get over to the correct side of the road and it made her feel comfortable.


David & Ashley

 mafs3-4daAshley has only been in a couple long term relationships so things are still awkward for her with David. She had a 9 year relationship but it sounds like it was part in high school. Ashley wants a day at her house alone when they get back. David is fine with it as long as it doesn’t turn into 2 or 3 days. They are driving somewhere and Ashley is done with small talk. This is great. I bet this guy hates silence. A helicopter ride is the perfect place for a Ashley who has no interest in being close to her new husband. Ashley didn’t want to sleep in the same room with David. Dr. Logan specifically asked if they are still sleeping in the same bed. Ashley accepts the homework of them giving each other manicures; David was all for it. She didn’t want any part of it. Now, he’s getting concerned. She pulls him aside to explain her feelings. She thinks she overthinks things but keeps saying she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Tres & Vanessa

mafs3-4tvVanessa’s last relationship was 4 years and it took work for her to recover. Vanessa called Dr. Cilona to discuss her concerns about Tres’s commitment level. She cries of course. Dr. Cilona had to reassure her. Everything is going well for them again.