I have all sorts of things I need to accomplish this year. My big item is (re)learning French. I took it in school but never got to the point where I would be comfortable using it in the real world. I plan to get Rosetta Stone. As a reward for finishing it, I will take a trip to some French speaking country (probably Quebec). During this time, I will do French Fridays for myself. I’ll change my computer setting to French and watch French language programs.
For the less interesting goals, I will need to organize myself more (cleaning, free time, etc.). I need to finally find doctors to go to now that I moved (5.5 months ago). I’ve been putting it off. That is my goal for January. I want to have a new goal each month. Other things I am considering are take martial arts and shooting classes. Not that they are the same thing. I will finally get my large puzzle framed. I thought about a vacation to Australia but I’m not sure if I should wait on that.
As far as the blog, I always say I need to spend more time promoting it. I’ve done well in 2015. Twitter is helping me get more traffic. I do need to start looking at other blogs that I follow again. The number of shows I will blog about will be lower than last year since I was unemployed then. I postponed my recipes from different countries every month for the holidays. I don’t think I will do that monthly. Buying ingredients that I don’t use several times a month is expensive. I will do it on a less regular schedule. Also the food I was making wasn’t great.
Speaking of food, I had more normal food for the holidays. Christmas I had family over and we went to a couple interesting places: Ave Maria Grotto and the Unclaimed Baggage Center.  Ave Maria Grotto was a little walking trail with religious sculptures made by a monk. It was supposed to be made of odd materials. The Unclaimed Baggage Center houses items that people left at airports. Goods ranged from expensive handbags to costume jewelry to paintings. It’s an interesting store.
An ongoing goal is to stay on top of the weight. I’m hoping finding a regular activity to do will help with that. The holidays have caused me to gain a bit of weight in the last couple months. Before that I was doing really well with maintaining my weight just from eating the right foods.
In general, I’m still adjusting to a new job and new location. I don’t know how long I’ll be here. I work in the chemistry area and so many companies (DuPont, Pfizer, etc.) are forever changing. Lots of those jobs are leaving the US really.