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This is going to be a great one. I’m sure some of the families are annoyed that their relative got married to a stranger on TV.


The Couples

Neil & Sam

mafs3-6snUh oh, Sam said Neil isn’t the same on camera as off. She likes off cam Neil. Dr. Pepper is coming in to talk with them. He said he’s treating the camera like he is talking to his Grandmother. Sam doesn’t feel like she can really get to know him that way. Geeze, Sam is “indifferent” to the marriage. I’m always shocked at the amount of girls that want guys to take care of them. You know when he leaves you; you will have to take care of yourself and kids alone right? Another guy isn’t going to want to take care of you and your kids. People are crazy. Sam’s father and Neil go shooting together at a gun range. He also gave some advice on how to relate to Sam. After all that, they are willing to try to become more comfortable with each other. It may have been the cameras and the quickness of the events that made them emotional and guarded.


David & Ashley

mafs3-6daFather’s day is happening and we all know about David’s father dying. He is trying to tell Ashley about his issues with that day and what he has done but she’s just staring at him. Ashley has the nerve, on Father’s day, to wonder why David was in a bad mood as soon as he woke up. Duh. He blew up and stormed into the bathroom. David’s mom came to spend Father’s day with them. Ashley got the chance to talk to her about how David acted today. Dr. Pepper suggested to them, since Ashley wasn’t comfortable with a big party, that they have a few small parties so Ashley can meet his friends in smaller groups. She didn’t want 20+ people in the house at once. I wonder why David wasn’t married before because this Ashley marriage isn’t going to work out. He tried to talk to her again about their issues and she was not interested in hearing it. She needed to study for an exam.


Tres & Vanessa

mafs3-6tvMarriage consummated as expected. Tres’s family (father, uncle, and sister) visited them at their new place. Vanessa feels comfortable with his family. Tres’s father said if she needs anything to let him know since she is not in contact with her father. But, didn’t Tres say his parents were not in his life much? Vanessa is upset that Tres came home drunk after spending the evening with his father and uncle. At the same time, she was out with her sister and Tres’s sister. She doesn’t think a married man should come home so drunk. She agreed to loosen up so Tres doesn’t have to change.