It’s the start of the new season. The Outlaws are out of the league and there are kids who are not sure how old they are. I think it is funny how they have to do so much to make sure kids are eligible. Someone said a parent was shopping their kid around to get incentives to join teams. You can’t do that.
Outlaws: Fred Davis – Head Coach, Marecus Goodloe – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Xion LaGrant – Xavier (father), Brandy (mother); Myzel Miller; JuJu Thomas – Brittney Harris (mother)
Snoop Dogg owns the Snoop Youth Football League. Coach Fred Davis is now the Commissioner of that league in Texas. There is also a division in California. Coach Goodloe says he isn’t running to the Outlaws for a title. It will be a lot of work and travel to start this new league in Texas.
Predators: John Collins – Head Coach
Players Featured: T.J. Andrews – John’s son, Roxanne Collins (mother)
The last head coach was Brian Brashears. This new guy says that the team had lost its way in recent years and he will be taking them up again. Kids are already puking and almost passing out. Coach Collins is an owner of the team and his son convinced him to coach.
Texas Storm: Paul Hurt – Head Coach / Vice President, Lori Hurt – President
Players Featured: Justice Hurt (quarterback) – Paul & Lori’s son
The Hurt family is back after being kicked out of the Lobos team last year. It was basically because, as the offensive coordinator, Paul mainly played his son. That caused an altercation that got them, including Justice, removed from the team. Now they started their own team. The family of ten is doing all the field prep and set up. They had no control over the kids during the pep rally. The cheerleaders performed but no one cared. The uniforms were handed out in brown paper bags for the kids to open all at once.
Seahawks: Bruce Chambliss – Head Coach / Vice President
Players Featured: Tadion Lott? – Tamika (mother)
Eric Martin– Keisha Williams (mother)
Tadion played for the Colts last year and has the reputation of being fast. He started practicing with them. But then was not staying with them. Coach Chambliss has no idea why or where he ended up. Eric Martin is taking the position. His mother claims she was contacted by many teams offering things like paying her rent. They decided to come here because a lot of her son’s friends were on the team.
JR Rockets: Keith Dyson – President
Players Featured: Tadion Lott? – Tamika (mother)
Tadion’s parents are taking him to practice here as well. The mother said they feel no pressure to commit to a team yet. President Dyson is sure that he will play for the Rockets. Uh oh, Tadion’s father said he will not be a Rocket. A few years ago the team was suspended so they are looking to prove they deserve to be on top of TYFA.
JR Broncos: Joseph Onofre – Head Coach, Lisa Connell – General Manager “Momager”/Executive Director of Operations
Players Featured: Colby Connell – Lisa’s son
Ex-coach Charles Chavarria is watching the team in a scrimmage from his car. It was 2 seasons ago that he was suspended for encouraging a player to “target” another on the field. Lisa is not willing to give him another chance with the team and seems like the other teams aren’t either. The show is interviewing other coaches about if they were contacted by Chavarria to join their staff.
Games Featured (teams featured in the show are in bold):
Week 1JR Broncos vs. Texas Storm: 25 – 19
For some reason, the treasurer of the Storm (one of the Hurt kids) had to show a birth certificate to Lisa. I thought they did that at registration. Lisa was not amused and basically called them amateurs. Chavarria is there wearing a Mustangs t-shirt. He was invited into the booth and announces he would be coaching the Mustangs next year. The Storm almost won but made some mistakes in the last minute of the game.