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Everyone has to do these intimacy activities. Spiritualist Greg Epstein is making his rounds to the couples.


The Couples

Neil & Sam

mafs3-9snNeil tells his neighbor that his feelings for Sam haven’t grown much since the wedding. Sam’s mom told her she needs to work within the relationship. They did their intimacy homework by siting with knees touching while touching hands. Sam just made faces. Neil is not happy that she cannot take him seriously. Greg Epstein is a rabbi? He suggested that Neil and Sam talk about her Jewish culture. She is going to make him a meal. I don’t know why he has to find out about her culture when she should just share it. Neil was happy to cook with Sam and she seemed happy to teach him. During dinner, Neil talked about his estrangement from his father and she shared that she wished she had told her grandmother things before she died.


Tres & Vanessa

mafs3-9tvThey go to a dog trainer together. Tres thinks Vanessa would be a good mother by how she deals with the dog. Tres prays for his marriage to be blessed every day. Their homework from Greg is to do something planned and unplanned together. Oh and he has their pictures from their wedding. For their night out, they went for dinner and painting. Each of them had to paint half of a painting that would become 1 painting. Tres made her taco salad (i.e. Doritos and lettuce) at home. She pretended that she liked it.


David & Ashley


David is annoyed that he had to hear from someone else what Ashley feels. She says she is trying but he doesn’t seem convinced. David is at the breaking point with Ashley. She couldn’t think of 3 things that she likes about him. They sit and talk about their situation. After all the back and forth, and Ashly saying basically nothing, David still wants to save his marriage. Greg suggests they do an activity together to try to connect. Have they ever been outside together? The wedding photos are making them laugh. That is good. Kickball? Blah.