Predators: John Collins – Head Coach
Players Featured: T.J. Andrews – John’s son, Roxanne Collins (mother)
Coach Collins met with his motorcycle club and shared their experiences with PTSD from military service. He says coaching kids helps keep him calm but also said any little thing can trigger it. It seems dangerous to me. Roxanne has been with John for 8 years and he has always treated her son TJ like his own son. TJ and John go out to dinner together and try not to talk about football. Roxanne doesn’t want it to seem like football is the only thing that is important. That’s good. Some of the other families on this show are not like that.
Seahawks: Bruce Chambliss – Head Coach / Vice President, Julian “J’ Bermudez – Assistant Coach, Charlie Pryor – Assitant Coach, Devante “Boomer” Jackson – Assitant Coach, Dominic “DC” Cameron – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Eric Martin– Keisha Williams (mother)
The coaches are already starting to argue about defensive plays. It’s not looking good. Coach Chambliss is a barber and promotes his work place as kid friendly. It gives them time to mentor the sons of single mothers. Coach DC is late to practice and feels there is no real leadership of the team. The name of the episode is “the kids are watching”. That is for Coach DC trying to start an argument with Coach Bermudez over his coaching of the defense.
Texas Storm: Paul Hurt – Head Coach / Vice President, Lori Hurt – President, Ruben Medrano – Assistant Coach, Robert Salas – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Justice Hurt (quarterback) – Paul & Lori’s son
They are preparing for their game with the Outlawz (yes with a z). One of the players is huge so they are practicing how to block him. Lori read football rules to all of her children. I’m not sure if it was before or after they were born. She keeps talking about how Justice is going to play college football for Nebraska and then in the NFL. She seems so excited about it like it will definitely happen. I hope she prepares that kid if it doesn’t happen.
Yoakum Outlawz: Chad Ledlow – Head Coach, Quintin Moore – Assistant Coach, Douglas Brooks – Offensive Coordinator
Players Featured: Douglas Brooks – Douglas’s son
The welcome sign to the town says “Land of Leather”. Their star is Douglas Brooks who is 5ft8 200 lbs. They were going undefeated in their last league so they moved to TYFA for a new challenge. They are a small country town. We got to see all the closed down shops in their town.
Games Featured (teams featured in the show are in bold):
Week 2 – All-Stars vs. Predators: 0 – 54
The mercy rule went into effect. I like that it’s called that. It’s mean but pretends to be protective.
Week 2Seahawks vs. Yellow Jackets: 12 – 20
Tadion Lott is at this game and it says that his team is the Rockets. I don’t know. They had so many penalties during the game. There were several false starts in a row.
Week 2Storm vs. Outlawz: 6 – 45
One of the kids on the Outlawz said they’re all white. That made me laugh. The Outlawz are just knocking down the Storm. A kid is suggesting plays to his coach so you know they know what they are doing. It is the first time in 4 years someone scored on the Outlawz. Welcome to TYFA I guess.