The weather here, in Alabama, has been warm and cold. People keep telling me that it is unseasonably warm. We even had snow one day. I thought the South was supposed to be warm all the time. I don’t want to have to see snow. I’ve been continuing to work on my goals:
I purchased my Rosetta Stone to work on my French. I finished installing it today. I’ll be starting the lessons tomorrow. I got all my doctors picked out and scheduled. I had put that off too long. It’s a pain to do that when moving to a new place. I have been doing more things outside the house. I went to a jewelry decorating event hosted by Salt-Light ART. I got 2 pairs of earrings, ring, and a pendant. I also painted a picture there.
I found this list for a Foodie Challenge. It is a list of 12 things to do in the area that are food related throughout the year. I’m going try to do all these. I even commented on it to get suggestions for non-alcoholic options. There was a response about juice and soda locations. II already accomplished number 7 (Take a food tour). I did a 2.5 hour walking food tour with Heather (The Downtown Dish). It was a good tour. I have been on a few tours elsewhere and I got a bit more food on this one. There was also a history part to the tour which was nice. There are definitely a few places I went to that I will eat at again.