Can I just say I expect for this to be a great episode with a title like that. I hope there is much yelling.
Seahawks: Bruce Chambliss – Head Coach / Vice President, Julian “J’ Bermudez – Assistant Coach, Charlie Pryor – Assistant Coach, Devante “Boomer” Jackson – Assistant Coach, Dominic “DC” Cameron – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Eric Martin– Keisha Williams (mother)
There were 100+ yards in penalties in the last game. Coach DC quit and thinks Coach Chambliss doesn’t know what he is doing. The head coach is chasing this kid because he won’t run. Coach Chambliss was in the military and had problems after getting out. He started drinking and his marriage broke up. Religion has helped him recover. I thought this was his team and it looks like these kids never played before. He just grabbed a kid and turned him around. Coach J doesn’t like the yelling and he told Chambliss in a constructive way. I think he agrees that he was going to hard at the kids. Team BBQ and Coach Chambliss is telling us about his frustration in coaching.
Yoakum Outlawz: Chad Ledlow – Head Coach, Quintin Moore – Assistant Coach, Douglas Brooks – Offensive Coordinator, Jeremy Caka – Defensive Coordinator, Terry Patek – Co-offensive coordinator
The coaching staff has been together for years and they are excited to be in TYFA this year. They are a family organization. The coaches seem to all have kids on the team. Kids on the team hangout together just like the coaches do. Coach Ledlow doesn’t believe in yelling at the kids because trust should make them do what you ask.
Outlaws: Fred Davis – Head Coach, Marecus Goodloe – Assistant Coach, Clayton Guillory – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Xion LaGrant – Xavier (father), Brandy (mother), Myzel Miller, JuJu Thomas – Brittney Harris (mother)
Coach Goodloe has been modeling his life and coaching style after his grandfather who started a league in Alabama. He is skeptical of this new league like he should be. But, he is good friends with Coach Davis so he went along with him. I don’t know how he is going to go from being a head coach to an assistant couch even when working with his friend. Practice is not looking so good. There is so much cursing on this team (by the coaches). They lost some players because of the potential traveling and expense that goes with it. Coach Davis is trying to get kids to recruit for the team. They even are planning to have a new headquarters.
Texas Storm: Paul Hurt – Head Coach / Vice President, Lori Hurt – President, Ruben Medrano – Assistant Coach, Robert Salas – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Justice Hurt (quarterback) – Paul & Lori’s son
Coach Paul is being pulled in all directions with all his titles around the organization. Apparently there are several teams of different age groups. He has to mediate fights between coaches and parents. Now, a kid is sitting on the ground having some sort of tantrum. We have to watch the Hurt family watch college football.
Games Featured (teams featured in the show are in bold):
Gators vs. Outlaws: 24 – 0
I don’t like the Gator uniforms. Coach Guillory said the Gators are the Outlaws of their area. One of the parents actually said they look like the Colts now. If you don’t remember, the Colts was Coach Goodloe’s old team that couldn’t beat the Outlaws. No more smiling and laughing at practice.
Storm vs. Seahawks: 44 – 20
These kids are eating breakfast 10-15 min before they are going to start playing their game. That doesn’t seem smart. It’s 2nd quarter and 1 kid already said his stomach is bothering him. They gave them tacos for breakfast. Geeze, a kid threw up already. Why didn’t someone say, let’s give the kids some apples or something before the game.