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Dr. Logan Levkoff is visiting all the couple but I didn’t really notice.


The Couples

Neil & Sam

mafs3-11snNeil and Sam are having a lot more fun together now. She was anxious about him not texting her back during the day. Dr. Logan wants them to continue to move towards being comfortable with each other. They are finally living in a house together. Sam looks forward to being together without the show around them. Neil is going to a wedding for a family member and before he goes he and Sam go to paint pottery. She isn’t able to get off of work to go. Neil has to finish things at work before leaving. Being his wife, she told him to make sure he gets rest before he travels to Las Vegas.


Tres & Vanessa

mafs3-11tvDr. Logan visits them after the fight they had when Vanessa left. She wants them to do something romantic together to get back on track. She had to remind Vanessa that married couples don’t usually have another home to go to. Plus, her leaving gave the impression that she is not fully committed to the process which was her main fear about Tres. Vanessa is sick so he brings her meds and sushi. I don’t know what kind of sick she is but sushi probably isn’t the best thing. For the anniversary, Vanessa made Tres a gift basket about how she feels about him. Tres got her somethings for her birthday. He said he is going to write a book about marriage.


David & Ashley

Dmafs3-11daavid is saying that the girl he sent the message to was a mutual acquaintance and his invitation for drinks was not romantic. I know that Ashley is using this as a way out. I can’t believe that she cares that much. He acts like she should trust and know him when the whole time she proved that she doesn’t. Wow, it all blows up with Ashley going after David. She has no intention of staying married to him. He is going to visit his family for a few days. He tries to say goodbye before he leaves but she mentions while half asleep that the girl he contacted told her she didn’t know him. She only knew him when he became her friend on Facebook. As soon David left, Ashley invites her friend, also named Ashley, to the house. David met with his brother while in Buffalo NY and discusses the mess with Ashley. Everyone around him keeps saying positive things. If I was his friend I would say forget that girl. David goes to his father’s grave and talks to him about his marriage. I don’t understand why we need to see that. We know his father died. Do we need to see his gravestone? David called Ashley and she didn’t answer.