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All the couple went on outings as the process is winding down to decision time.

The Couples

Neil & Sam

mafs3-12snWhile Neil was away, Sam decided to go out with her friends. Sam rushed home to video chat with Neil after he had been gone for 1 day. She asked if he missed her and he said no. He doesn’t miss people until knowing them for a while. It outraged Sam. As his wife, she expected him to miss her now that her feelings for Neil are changing. I don’t know why. He probably still has her comments about not being attracted to him in the back of his head. Neil is surprised about growing feelings he didn’t know she had. When Neil got home he bought Sam flowers and several little things. She hugged him and cried from happiness. She said she loves him and thinks of him as her husband. I almost fell over when she said she had the urge to change her last name to his. Neil was surprised by all the wedding photos staged around their place. They went fishing and seemed to have fun together.


Tres & Vanessa

mafs3-12tvTres tried to explain to Vanessa why they should keep their apartments since they don’t know yet if their marriage will work out. He thinks it’s practical and she thinks they would grow apart. Tres arranged for a car to pick Vanessa up at home for a surprise. They went to a bed & breakfast at a vineyard. They go horseback riding and Tres breaks out in hives. A perfect end that ended their trip.



David & Ashley

mafs3-12daDavid returns and Ashley is ready to accept his apology. Dr. Pepper comes over to talk about David’s issue. She threw it right back at Ashley saying that she wasn’t showing him any affection and that could be why he would try something like that. Exactly. Again, David is asked to get Ashley’s point of view and get out of the house for fun. If I was him I would say, she needs to do what I want. For their outing, Ashley and David go zip lining. They seem to be having fun. When they are not acting like husband and wife, they get along fine. Next, they are jumping off a platform. Ashley kissed him on the check like David asked before he jumped. He jumped and screamed on the way down. You hardly heard a peep out of her when she was falling to the ground.