Outlaws: Fred Davis – Head Coach, Marecus Goodloe – Assistant Coach, Clayton Guillory – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Myzel Miller – Bridget Lee (mother); Caden Basanko; Diego Narezo
Coach Davis is trying Diego out as a receiver. All of a sudden the kid is happy and smiling.
Predators: John Collins – Head Coach, Robert Daniels – Offensive Coordinator
Players Featured: T.J. Andrews – John’s son, Roxanne Collins (mother); Javari Merrill
Javari was told by Justice Hurt (Texas Storm) that their team sucks but he also talks a lot of trash about how good he is. Coach Collins has a disabled tag in his truck. Roxanne suggested all the fans wear raincoats at the game and then throw them away since they are playing the Texas Storm. I like that.
Texas Storm: Paul Hurt – Head Coach / Vice President, Lori Hurt – President, Ruben Medrano – Assistant Coach, Robert Salas – Assistant Coach , Mike Hildebrand – Assistant Coach
Players Featured: Justice Hurt (quarterback) – Paul & Lori’s son
Coach Salas said that the Predators play dirty. Coach Paul heard rumors that Coach Collins is planning to target Justice and take him out for the season. Lori is a therapist? I’m surprised. She is going for training out of state. She calls to check in and suggest they tell the refs before the game about the alleged threats. Coach Paul has no concern whether his kid does his homework or not. They have all these other kids that I guess are not going to be football stars. They put all their hopes into Justice. To get ready for the upcoming game, they are using a push mower and filling in holes with a shovel.
Yoakum Outlawz: Chad Ledlow – Head Coach, Quintin Moore – Assistant Coach, Douglas Brooks – Offensive Coordinator, Jeremy Caka – Defensive Coordinator, Terry Patek – Co-offensive coordinator
Players Featured: Douglas Brooks Jr. – Douglas’s son; Ayden Shimek – Ginger (mother/ President); Dalton Brooks – Douglas’s son; Trace Moore – Quintin’s son; Trace Patek- Terry’s son
Ayden is an offensive lineman. We are seeing his family’s farm. His mother, Ginger, is President of the Outlawz. She talked about how the kids out in the country are bigger and stronger. They were chasing a goat around for exercise in a golf cart. At practice, Ginger brought the head coach a birthday cake. Coach Brooks tells us about how he raises his sons. He wants them to be tough but controlled. He did call both of them smart but I’m not sure if that was overall or just football. One kid had a ribbon for coming in 2nd in math and a certificate for AB honor roll. For their fundraiser, they having a gun raffle.
Games Featured (teams featured in the show are in bold):
Outlawz vs. Yellow Jackets: 47 -6
It starts with a penalty and one of the kids said are they paying the refs. Penalties continued.
Predators vs. Texas Storm: 8 – 28
Immediately Coach Collins talks about the field conditions. Justice’s parents keep tell him to watch out. I’m sure that is helpful. Coach Collins is already annoyed before the game starts.