The Couples

Neil & Sam

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Sam is all over Neil now. I think he is still uncertain and Sam sees that. The activity before the decision is rock climbing something Neil likes to do. I’m sure it’s part of showing trust. The experts talk about the struggles Neil and Sam have as a couple. From what I have seen, the one that has changed is Sam but I don’t think Neil needed to change. Sam talked to her roommate of course and Neil called his mom. He’s afraid damage has already been done. The morning of the decision day has Sam so nervous and Neil is calm. All Sam can think of his how she doesn’t want a future alone. Sam thanks Neil for making her a better person. He thanks her for helping him with communication. She is upset that she may have messed up the relationship. She did. He wants a divorced and you can see how pissed she is. Sam ran out the room. Dr. Pepper had to go outside to talk to her while Sam sobs. I don’t know how many days were between the decision and the meeting at that house. Sam is never going to talk to that guy again. She already threw some jabs.


Tres & Vanessa

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I don’t know why they are acting like they won’t stay married. Even if they don’t stay married for the long term, they will in the short term. Tres got Vanessa a gift. Before they leave, Vanessa and Tres don’t talk much. I knew they would stay married. Tres doesn’t just buy Vanessa stuff but the dog as well.


David & Ashley

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The only way David and Ashley can relate is when they are doing an outdoor activity. David decided they should go for a run. Ashley is acting like she is still undecided and he is deluding himself into thinking there is a chance. At the end of the experiment, Ashley realizes for this you have to open up quickly. David’s friends think he is crazy for wanting to stay with Ashley but they can’t say it. Ashley acts like she is doing work to keep her marriage together when she talks to her friends. They don’t know what is really going on. We only see what is on camera but we know more. Of course Ashley wants a divorce and is using David’s contacting that girl as the main reason. Not that she didn’t like him from the start but that he may have done something wrong for 1 day. At home, David has no time for Ashley now. For some reason, she wants to talk to him. He did a video message to his future wife/mother of his kids. How annoying.