On Regina’s birthday she has a quick run in with Snow White and her people. Her father warned her that as long as she looked for revenge, Cora would always have a hold on her. Regina’s father asks the Magic Mirror to contact Cora to help cure Regina. He thought he could appeal to her motherly feelings. I guess he forgot that Regina banished her to Wonderland for a reason. Cora refused and was able to escape the mirror. He went to find Snow to talk to her but Cora, posing as him, found her first. She took out Snow’s heart and planned to give it to Regina as a present. When Regina finally accepted the gift from her mother, Regina tried to crush the heart but it wasn’t really her heart. Regina’s father switched out Snow’s heart to save Regina. Regina decided to shrink him and put him in the box that was going to hold Snow’s heart. Cora says Regina can’t do anything without her. Regina sends her back to Wonderland, with the help of Magic Mirror, but as she goes Cora steals the box with her father in it. Even though Regina did that to her father she still cares for him. Regina had put a spell on the mirror so even she couldn’t go back in to retrieve her father.
Emma had a semi-dream where Neil came to her to warn her not to continue to the underworld. She said she has to and he knew she would say that. The crew arrives in the Underworld and it looks just like Storybrook. They decide to split up to explore.
A man reports back to “the Queen” that Regina has arrived. The Queen is Cora who is sitting in Regina’s office. Regina meets with Cora and seems happy to see her. Cora now wants to help save Regina and get her out of the Underworld. To do this she threatens to cause pain to her father. Someone must suffer for her deeds. Cora scheduled a boat to take her home.
Snow goes to Granny’s and is waited on by the woman who dealt with Hansel and Gretel. James, acting like David, came in and kissed her. As he left, David, Emma, and Henry arrive.
Rumple goes to his shop to get some magic things. Of course Peter Pan is running the shop. He wants to return to the real world but he needs a soul to exchange with. As a sign of friendship, he give Rumple the thing he was looking for. Rumple goes to the group, gives them the potion, and tells them to pour it on Hook’s grave to find out where he is. Emma does it but Hook is not able to hear what she is saying and quickly disappears. It was very much like Princess Leia.
After the thing with Hook didn’t work, Emma asks Regina to take Henry and Robin home. Regina uses the potion to talk to her father. She told him that Cora threatened to torture him. He asked her to stay because her spreading hope and helping her friends would be just what he would want.
Regina goes to save her father, Cora engulfs him in fire, but he continues on. A portal with a white light calls him. He meets Henry, who was named after him, and tells Regina he is proud of her. His unfinished business was to help Regina find herself and not what Cora wanted her to be.
Regina returns to the group saying her father is in a better place now. The crew decides that they will help people while they look for a way to get to Hook. Rumple is not helping to save lost souls so says he’s leaving. The famous clock tower that only started to tick in Storybrook when Emma got there is embedded into the ground. The clock ticked now that they know their mission, Operation Firebird.
Cora visits a man to tell him she failed to make Regina leave. He ordered her to do this against her will. This guy is sitting there with some girl cleaning his feet. For some reason, he doesn’t want Regina there. It turns out that every time the clock ticks it means that a soul has left the Underworld and he doesn’t like to lose things. As punishment, he turned Cora back into a miller’s daughter. He knew that she gave up Zelena for the chance to have a better life. Now she is right back to where she was. It’s Hades. They had his hair turn into a blue flame just like the cartoon movie.