Agenda / Comments

The format has been changed. Now, Dr. Pepper is interviewing all the people instead of the mess that was last year. I think it was too angry last season. I don’t know if they will put Ashley and David in a room together.

The Couples

Neil & Sam
So they tried to get together after the show ended but decided to be friends. They talk frequently. Dr. Pepper thinks “they are not finished with each other”. Sam even said she is still proud to wear her ring because of the great guy she is married to. One Twitter, Sam was responding to comments saying that Neil is done with it. People really want them to get back together. At the end, Neil and Sam go to brunch and give each other gifts like they will never see each other again. They are taking pics in their weird pajamas.
Tres & Vanessa
The boring couple is no longer together. Their intimacy ended and Tres felt like he was walking on eggshells around her. I think Vanessa is more upset about it than Tres is. He did cry a little when it was just him and Dr. Pepper. Tre and Vanessa have dinner together for the show. It was probably not a good idea. It is just an awkward situation. I’m sure that Tres has moved on to the next girl (or 2) already.
David & Ashley
I like how it was uncomfortable for Dr. Pepper to watch this couple. Ashley is really putting all this on David. It’s funny but sad at the same time. He had no chance. Ashley had no desire to see David again. David thinks he tried too hard and reaching out to her friend was not the best thing. He is still optimistic about his future. I bet Ashley is ready to fade back into obscurity.


It looks like they are considering a season 4. The FYI website is looking for singles in Miami. It has been 9 couples and only 2 have stayed together. I will watch if there is a new one.