After being sold into service by their father, Liam and Killian Jones are working on a boat. Liam has arranged for them to join the Navy and use the money, plus what they have, to buy their freedom. Killian is a drunk and while Liam was gone gambled his money away. Liam still had the money to buy his own freedom but decided to stay with Killian.
Their captain was looking for something that was supposed to be in the eye of a storm. Yep, it’s called The Eye of The Storm. Liam and Killian led a mutiny against the captain and succeeded. On the ship, Hades appears offering Liam the Eye of The Storm that the captain was looking for. All Liam has to do is sink the ship so he can have the souls. Killian and Liam will be safe and the jewel will get them whatever they want from the king. Killian is definitely Liam’s hype man. He is trying to convince the crew, during a hurricane, that Liam knows what he is doing. They, Liam and Killian, are found on the beach by a captain willing to give them a place on their ship. He did that because Liam shows him The Eye of The Storm.
Cruella and Henry are driving around trying to find the quill. He spots something flashing in the woods. He follows it and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice appears. Henry requests his help. Apparently, Henry is the reason the Apprentice hasn’t moved on yet. He doesn’t want Henry to use the quill to make things happen but he must help him for his own sake.
Hook is upset with himself for the weakness he showed as the Dark One. His brother, Liam, magically comes to the door. I think it is Hades (it wasn’t but I left this in anyway). He also told Emma she is not good enough for his brother. And that it’s her fault Hook was there in the first place. He tells them about a book that is supposed to have the power to defeat Hades. Of course it is the storybook and now they have to find it. Underbrooke has to have its own Once Upon a Time book. Henry comes in saying the Apprentice knows that the Sorcerer’s house is protected by magic and James has the key. They assume that is where the book is. I just started to wonder, why the Sorcerer would need a house in Storybrooke.
Hades went to Liam, who runs the bar, and asks him to get the book for him otherwise he will tell why he is really in the Underworld. Cruella goes to see James but David is there pretending to be James after they found the key to the house. In the house, Henry is left behind and it annoys him because he wants to be a hero. Liam finds the book and tears out the pages about Hades. Ha, Cruella knew that it was David the whole time. She was all over him. James blames David for being the favorite and getting to be raised by their mother.
Emma confronts Liam about the missing pages. He said he doesn’t have them when Killian comes in. She tells Liam to show his hands but Killian said he doesn’t have to. Emma leaves and Killian sees the book’s ink on his hands. The members of the ship come up from behind to expose Liam. The ex-captain is outing Liam. Now the men are going to make Killian and Liam walk the plank into the fire. Hades shows up and knocks down the ex-captain. Liam tries to stand up for Killian. Hades blows him away and Killian tries to keep him from falling. Liam lets go and there is a white light. A boat shows up and everything is serene. All the men get on the boat. Liam says he was wrong about Emma. I don’t get how Liam gets a happy ending just because now he sacrifices himself now. He killed all the men on that boat. Hook doesn’t go with them and now thinks he could have a future with Emma.
Shouldn’t the quill call to Henry like the Dagger called to the Dark Ones? He finds it. He is in his room not talking about it. David is talking about his issues with James to tell Henry some people would wish have the family he has. Henry decides to tell the crew about the quill, Cruella, and his want to be a real hero.
Wow, so Hades has the pages and it shows his relationship with Zelena. That’s great. I can’t wait for that.