I did a weekend trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. I went to several locations. It was nice that all the places were near each other.   When I purchased the tickets there was a discount to buy 3 tickets at once. The Lookout Mountain attractions were together (Ruby Falls, Rock City, Incline) and so were the Tennessee Aquarium (Aquarium, IMAX Theater, River Gorge Explorer) tickets.

Ruby Falls was the best part of the trip. This is an underground waterfall (see video) that you have to walk through caves to get to. I was surprised how many people were wearing sandals to walk around in a cave with random areas of dripping water. Several people were slipping. Also people had children that obviously didn’t know how to be careful walking.
IMG_2118Rock City was a cool attraction. I almost didn’t go because it seemed like a lot of walking. At the top of the walking trail, you get to a cliff where you can see 7 states. There were 2 bridges to cross between parts of the rocks. One was a solid bridge and the other was a swinging one. You can picture it as one of those bridges in movies that either breaks off at one end or one of the planks break. The worst part about my trip here was that there was a school field trip going on (on a Saturday). Kids were running around getting yelled at by teachers and/or parents.
I was most disappointed by the Incline on Lookout Mountain. Now, I have been on an incline train before in Colorado Springs (https://docptolemysays.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/mini-vacation-and-fight-masters). I did this after Rock City and Ruby Falls, which are also on Lookout Mountain. What I didn’t know is that by driving to those 2 places I was at the top of the mountain. I followed the signs to the Incline station thinking it was the bottom station described on the website. You can imagine my surprise when I got on the world’s steepest incline train and it started to go downwards. At the bottom station, there was tons of parking that did not exists at the top. I spent 15+ minutes looking for a parking spot. There was a good little ice cream shop, Clumpies, at the bottom. The ride back up the “mountain” was where you really felt the 73% incline.
20160327_120556River Gorge Explorer was a boat trip that took a couple hours. I couldn’t hear much of what the tour guide was saying. I like ferries so in general it was nice. It rained randomly but that didn’t bother me. Again, there were screaming children. The Tennessee Aquarium was alright. It was split into 2 sections: freshwater and saltwater.   A lot of the same fish were in different tanks. I did get to touch a stingray. I enjoyed the IMAX Theater. For some reason, the movie was narrated by Jim Carrey.