Oz Flashback
Poor Zelena has a mini-cake for herself on the anniversary of Cora leaving her. She doesn’t know her real birthday. Dorothy came back to Oz after hearing that Zelena, the Wicked Witch, is alive and wreaking havoc. They made Dorothy a wannabe bandit Snow White. Zelena has a plan to steal various things towards her spell to time travel. She kidnapped the scarecrow in order to get his brain. But, Dorothy saved him saying she was more powerful because she had the love of the people. Hades visited Zelena and offered to help her. He also wants revenge on his sibling, Zeus, for making him ruler of the Underworld and stealing his ability to love. He needs true love’s kiss to make his heart work again. Hades takes Zelena to find Dorothy on Dorothy’s bike. Hades is starting to feel something for Zelena. She enchants the bike and will use it to find Dorothy (locator spell). They find Dorothy and Zelena is able to freeze her and take the Scarecrow’s brain. When Zelena turned around Hades was gone. He was at her castle waiting to celebrate. He loves her and felt his heart flutter. She thinks he is using her so he can escape the Underworld and deny her the revenge she wants. He said she will regret it.
Hades makes Rumple open a portal to get Zelena’s baby. It ended up taking the baby, Belle, and Zelena. Rumple finds Belle and tells her about her pregnancy and him being the Dark One again. He tells her, what I think is true, that she fell in love with him as both the man and the Dark One. He’s not changing and she needs to make a choice. She won’t consider making a choice until the deal with Hades for their future baby is solved. Zelena found Robin and Regina. They all look for the baby. Belle runs into them with the baby. Zelena uses a little magic to get away with the baby. The magic seems to injure the baby. It upset her. Now she is willing to give the baby to Regina to keep her safe. She thinks Hades needs the baby as an ingredient in that spell for time travel. She said he can’t love because of her.
Snow and David are worried about their son, Neil, back in Storybrooke. At the diner, they are told about a phone booth that people use to talk to the living through haunting. Snow told Emma their plan to try to talk to Neil. She is afraid that he will grow up without them like Emma did. She hopes hearing their voices will show him he is loved. Henry is waking up with storybook pages already written. One was the story about Neil hearing his parents sing to him.
Zelena and Hades meet in the town square. He says he still loves her and wanted to save her baby. She still doesn’t believe him but she is closer to it. He tortured Cora to find out Zelena’s birthday (April 15th). He wanted her to know. Zelena wants to find her baby alone. I’m not sure about how sincere Hades is about Zelena. He said he made the Underworld look like Storybrooke so she could have everything that Regina had.