Ogres are threatening the outskirts of Belle’s kingdom. Her father wants to align themselves with a partner with a powerful army. He wants Belle to marry Gaston. She has heard about his vanity and when meeting him he seems to accept that she isn’t interested because of that. She decides to give him a slight chance. They find a young ogre and she convinces him to let her deal with it. She finds a book that tells of a mirror to show evil in one’s eyes. She is going to get it and Gaston will stay behind. Belle brings her father and the mirror to the woods. Gaston appears to be injured after being attacked by the ogre. Belle’s father arranges for their army to track it down with Gaston leading the way. Belle wants to join to use the mirror. When they find it, Belle notices the bruising on its back. Gaston had tortured it. She saw the glowing in the eyes of Gaston when she looked in the mirror. Even with him being evil, Belle is forced to be engaged to Gaston with the Ogre Wars starting. War with the Ogres caused Rumple to try to find a way to keep Baelfire from being drafted.
Gaston is approached by Hades. Hades gives him arrows with the power to kill Rumple, the man who murdered him and stole Belle. Flowers are starting to grow in Underbrooke powered by hope.
Emma had a dream giving her an idea on how to erase their names from the gravestones. In the dream, Snow is attacked by some kind of fast monster. You can’t tell what it was. Now the dream is coming true and they are running away. Finally, Emma tells Snow that she dies in her dream. Regina had to call Emma out on her silliness of running from this monster. Snow agrees and they go out looking for it. By “they” I mean Regina, Snow, Robin, and Emma. Guess what? It’s a wolf aka Ruby aka Little Red Riding Hood.
Belle wants Rumple to use good to help their child. All of a sudden, Gaston shows up to kill Rumple. The arrows have water from the river that will make him unable to leave. Belle wants to help Gaston as a way to defeat Hades. They look for clues about him in his locker. He still has the book that she gave him that she said was her favorite. She thinks she is his unfinished business. While waiting for him, Hades shows up offering to give up the mark on her baby if one of the guys, Gaston or Rumple, falls in the river. She said no but he is letting her think about it. It turns out Gaston blames Belle’s love for making him weak. Her wanting to help monsters is why he is not surprised she is married to Rumple. Belle tricked Rumple and stole his dagger making him stop his plan with Gaston. But, Gaston almost attacked Rumple with the arrow so Belle pushed him. He fell in the river. Problem solved. Oops, there was no deal. A flower that was growing started to die. He sent the flower to Zelena. Zelena tells Regina that she thinks she is his only weakness and that he loves her.