Flashback – Oz
Looking for Ruby’s pack, she and Milan run into Dorothy. All of a sudden a green cloud approaches. We all know what (or who) that is. This was when Regina banished Zelena to Oz. She wants her shoes and in exchange Dorothy gets Toto back. Dorothy and Ruby go to find poppies for a potion, Milan is cooking up. Ruby tells her story about no know where she belongs to Dorothy. Dorothy explains that Auntie Em is the only one that believed in her when she got back from Oz. They are playing it that Auntie Em gave her Toto. I think Ruby has a crush on Dorothy. Ruby had to turn into a wolf to escape one of the flying monkeys. Dorothy looked at Ruby funny after they got back to Milan. As if she was uncomfortable with Ruby being a wolf. Milan told Ruby not to wait to tell Dorothy what she feels like she did. When she went to tell her, Dorothy was gone.
Hades warns Zelena that Ruby is in the Underworld. She wants to leave before she has to face her. Apparently she did something to one of the friends of the crew that she doesn’t want Regina to find out about. Since Zelena is not dead, she thinks it will be easy to leave but Hades says it isn’t. Hades is looking to deal with Ruby.
Regina and crew confront Zelena. Dorothy was put under a sleeping curse. They think a kiss from Auntie Em will break the curse. But they are in the Underworld and Auntie wouldn’t be able to leave. They plan to send the kiss to her somehow. Auntie Em is running a diner in the Underworld. Just when she was going to blow a kiss in the bottle, she turns to liquid courtesy of Hades. He threatened anyone that deals with the crew with the same fate. Snow reassures Ruby that she has the power to awaken Dorothy.
Cruella is mayor of the town and she is doing Hades’s bidding by getting rid of the phone booth. Now David and Snow can’t talk to Neil. David may use the silver shoes to get back to Oz and then to Storybrooke. David doesn’t want Snow to miss out on time with Neil. He convinced Hook to carve his name on the tombstone to replace Snow’s. Now Snow and Ruby are going to Oz. They arrive to see people surrounding Dorothy. Ruby is ready to save the day. Dorothy left before because she didn’t want to take the chance of losing Ruby to Zelena’s wrath. Their kiss ends up in the pages of the story book
Zelena goes to Hades. He said he is doing all this for her. Auntie Em is now in the river of souls. I think Zelena is ready to trust Hades more.
Belle decided to put herself under a sleeping curse until Rumple can find a way out of the contract. Also, Belle thinks her father can break the curse. After talking to Zelena, Belle was afraid her baby could be made to be born early like Emma did to Zelena. If she is asleep, Hades can’t take the baby.