Regina gets a hold of Cora’s magic wand. She tried to turn her doll into a sister to play with. The magic comes back at her and she is injured. Cora said only someone close to her that has not hurt her will be able to help her. Henry says she has no other relatives. We know Zelena is out there. Cora went to Oz to find Zelena who has powers. She wants to use her magic to help her Regina. Of course Cora doesn’t tell Zelena who she is. Zelena knew how to heal Regina. Now they are playmates but they find out they may be related. Zelena was able to open the box with the wand in it. It was protected by blood magic. Cora overhears them as the run off to find her to ask. Cora tells them it is true that they are sisters. But, Cora told Regina it would ruin her plans for her if people found out about Zelena. She has the guards take Zelena away. Regina swears that she will find her again. Cora says neither of them will remember.
David and James finally meet. James incapacitates David and plans to posed as him for a while. He blames David for taking what was rightfully his. David and James fought and James went into the river. David is sad because James was still his brother. Everyone on this show is related; he just has to get over it.
Hades wants to give the real Storybrooke to Zelena. It means that Regina and the crew will have to stay in the Underworld. Regina knows they met and told the crew about Hades’s plan. She thinks the only way to stop Zelena is go get Cora involved. Oh no, Cora is stuck working in the mill. She finds Hook’s magic hook and is able to free herself. Cora and Regina go to a river where the water makes people forget once they drink it. Cora decided it is time for Zelena to meet Cora and drink this water.
Cora says that she knows now that both her daughters are the reason she is there. She apologizes to Zelena and says she regrets leaving her. During the hug, Regina sneaks in. Zelena knows it is a set up and throws the water Cora gave her in the fire. Cora gives them back their memories of when they played together and were separated. She wants them to be a family now. Since Regina and Zelena are reunited as sisters, Cora has completed her unfinished business. I don’t see how she can go on to a presumably better place when she has done so much evil. Remember how black Regina’s heart was? Can you imagine how dark Cora’s heart must be? It’s probably like Rumple’s.
Regina told Zelena to go be with Hades because she may be able to change him. He set up this nice dinner for her at the diner. Just as Zelena gets to the door, Rumple and Peter Pan show up and kidnap her. They are probably going to use her soul so that Peter Pan can go back to the living world again.