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Here is the update for the Foodie Challenge for the month of May. I tried a few new restaurants.
1. Attend at least one local food festival. (2 – April)

I went to 2 Strawberry Festivals (Cullman and Moulton). They had random vendors there. The strawberries were good. I don’t think I would attend again now that I have gone.

2. Try 3 food trucks.
3. Celebrate Pi Day on 3/14 with pie from a local bakery. (March)
4. Sample 10 new to you dishes from our list of 100 things to eat. (1 – February)

I looked through the 2015 and 2016 lists and I found Spicy Chocolate Gelato from Sam & Greg's Pizzeria Gelateria. I had that on my food tour and that was good. I’m not fan of chocolate so I had it mixed with something else. Also, I had fried catfish from Little Libby’s which was really good.

5. Take a cooking class and learn to make a new dish.
6. Buy produce at a local farmer’s market.

I bought strawberries at the Strawberry Festival at Cullman Farmers Market – Festhalle.

7. Take a food tour. (January)
8. Try 5 new to you restaurants. Not sure where to start? Let Huntsville Eats help you find something tasty. (3 – February, 1 – April)

Tried another not good pizza place and this time one on the best pizza list. In the end of this month, I had some good pizza from Marco’s Pizza. I’m starting to think they don’t have good pizza here.  
I went to a work dinner at Phuket Thai Restaurant. I got to try several different foods which were all good. I’ll definitely go there again.

9. Try one of our local dives.
10. Eat something you’ve never had before. If you usually stick to meat and potatoes, branch out to Greek, Indian, Vietnamese, or Thai. If you are a more adventurous sort, try tongue, alligator, or kimchi. (kimchi – January, crawfish – April)
11. Try drinks at a local juice bar and/or local specialized soda.
12. Give the gift of local food. Or a gift certificate to a favorite local restaurant.



Land of Untold Stories
The land of untold stories is where the mini crew is. It was all a trick to see what the Jekyll was doing. The helper to Hyde made him drink the potion to get Hyde back. The mini crew know who they are dealing with now. Hyde injected himself with some of Jekyll’s potion in order to separate them. Just as he was about to kill Jekyll, the crew saves him.
New York
Rumple wants sterling silver to make some weird table top. A storm cloud is forming above the hotel that Rumple is staying in. Regina goes to Rumple acting like she wants to be the Evil Queen to help him. He knew it was a trick to get Emma in to steal the crystal. They all know that the mini crew is trapped and that the magic wand has been taken. Henry came in with the grail and sucked up all the magic saying he has now destroyed it.
Rumple and Regina go to see The Dragon. He was the guy that I think August was looking for. He said because Regina is fighting to be good he will do all he can to help her. She needs to win for all of us he said.
Henry got up on a statue and asked people of “New York” to give him wishes to save his family. They all threw pennies in a fountain and the pennies started to fall on the mini crew until a portal opened. They ended up in the fountain. People clapped thinking it was a magic trick. Rumple went back to get Hyde and Belle. Hyde said he can help him wake Belle.
What Violet said is father isn’t from Camelot, he’s from Connecticut. They will probably stay in Storybrooke because her father never felt at home in Camelot but he was happy Violet grew up there.
Regina wants to separate from the Evil Queen so she has the potion to try it. Emma and Snow are there to inject Regina. Regina ripped out the Evil Queen’s heart out and crushed it. Oh, no. Regina destroyed the crystal. Hyde is there saying that Rumple gave him Storybrooke. The Evil Queen is alive and took the heart out of the Dragon.


Hook is back and Regina is not happy. Emma doesn’t want her to become evil again so asks her to sit out. All of sudden, Rumple tethered all the magic to the crystal he got from Hades. Henry seeing what magic has done takes it and Violet on a journey to NY City to destroy magic. As the Author, he was able to make the crystal appear to him just by writing in the book.
The people are worried that magic is gone. Zelena was able to open a portal to let people like Merida return home. While trying to close it, she, Snow, David, and Hook were sucked into the portal. They need to figure out where they are and what they need to get back. They see a man who says magic is dangerous and that he can’t help them. A guy comes from nowhere and blasts them with some kind of magic.
Regina and Emma look for Henry in Boston using GPS on his phone. He left his phone on a bus going to Boston but they are actually in New York. Henry went to New York because Neil, his father, was working on a way to destroy magic incase Rumple found him. He only told Henry of his plans. Henry believes he was close. Even Emma doesn’t know about Neil’s work.
Emma and Regina go to Neil’s old place. I’m guessing Neil owned that place because it would have been rented out by now. Regina finds an old letter from Robin. She realizes it is her fate to be trapped in between good and evil suffering. Emma uses the computer to find out Henry was headed to the library. Rumple is hiding at the door listening.
The mini crew are in a dungeon being held by a man who hates Rumple. He thinks they are working for him. The guy they first saw is now offering to help them by taking their magic wand to fix it in the place where magic is held. They have no choice but to trust him. He used to be a doctor before he was kept prisoner by the man. He asks that if he succeeds that they take him with them.
Henry finds a load of story books that have stories and characters that he never heard of before. The pictures look like the place that the mini crew is in. Violet notices a cup that looks like the holy grail. They think it will help end magic like the other one started magic. As they try to leave with it, Rumple appears. He knocks them out with magic and takes the crystal but doesn’t know that the new grail is in Henry’s backpack.
Oh my goodness, it’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde is the guy who threatened the mini crew. Dr. Jekyll tried to help them. Mr. Hyde wants to get to Storybrooke too. When Jekyll awoke he got the key to the cage but “the new warden” took the magic wand. Hyde was able to use the wand to summon Pandora’s box (which contains Belle). Rumple saved the crystal before he went for the box. Hyde thinks he can get Rumple to do what he wants now that he has Belle.

Zelena went off to find Regina and left her kid with Hades. Arthur runs out of the woods handcuff looking for help. Hades says he understands being falsely imprisoned. He thinks he was destined to rule this new world. Oh, and he kills Arthur.
Regina tells Zelena not to trust Hades and Zelena said they shouldn’t mess with a god. Hades “offers” to give himself up to protect Zelena and the baby. She vows to help fight if needed. Hades has Olympian crystal that he wants to use as a weapon. Robin is pissed at Regina for putting his child in the hands of Hades and Zelena. They are sneaking into her office by an underground tunnel.
Emma and David inform Snow about Hades coming to the real world. Merida, Emma, David, and Henry find dead Arthur. Emma is ready to fight Hades but David tells her she needs to grieve the loss of Hook.
Rumple found Belle’s father but it is not willing to wake her if it means Rumple will still have control over her. He was threatened by Rumple when Emma arrives asked for help. Rumple won’t help because it is her problem. Rumple calls Hades to offer him a deal. He knows about the crystal. And he reminds Hades that he is in his kingdom now.
Hades tried to attack Regina with the crystal but Robin jumped in front. Zelena got the crystal and realized that Hades was not being truthful. She killed him with the crystal. Now Regina and Zelena are friends again. Later, Rumple showed up and fished the remaining crystal out of Hades’s ashes.
Robin’s funeral had Regina looking like the grieving widow which I guess she is. People left arrows with a flower on it on the coffin. His son was there and I bet it is the last time we will see him. Zelena was there with the baby who is unsurprisingly named Robin now.
King Arthur ends up in the Underworld. Hook invites him on a quest to find out the secrets of Hades now that Hades isn’t around to protect it. They find the Story book pages hidden in the throne. Hook needs to find a way to get the information to Emma. They go to Cruella to find out that she destroyed the phone booth that could talk to the real world. She also got rid of the Story book in the river of souls. They went to find it underground and lost souls tried to attack them. By returning the pages to the book, Emma was able to see the new pages.
Hook gets a sense that Emma defeated Hades. He is able to move on now. Zeus meets him personally to thank him for dealing with Hades and will escort him back to where he belongs. Who knew he would end up back in Storybrooke with Emma.

I found this recipe for Hot & Sweet Chicken Drumsticks. I always eat chicken thighs so I used that instead. It lists any hot sauce so of course I used Sriracha. From the picture on the site, it didn’t seem like there was a lot of sauce. I scaled up the sauce by 1.5X but it wasn’t needed. I really liked it. I think next time I will go back to less sauce and try a different type of preserve. They used apricot but I’m thinking of trying cherry or something berry like. I added enough Sriracha to make it really hot. I had never cooked with preserves before. It took a while for them to melt.

6 Chicken Thighs (skin, bone-in)
0.375 cup lite soy sauce (50% Less Sodium)
2 teaspoons black pepper
1.5 cup Apricot Preserves
0.75 cup ketchup
4 teaspoons garlic powder
0.25 cup Sriracha
1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
2. Mix all ingredients except chicken in a sauce pan
3. Heat over medium heat until the preserves are melted
4. Put chicken in a non-stick foil lined pan
5. Pour the sauce over chicken
6. Bake chicken for 40 min


Flashback – Maine 2009
Emma is looking for her family by asking questions at a local restaurant. A woman talks to her and reveals she is looking for her since she skipped bail. The woman put a boot on Emma’s car before approaching her so she couldn’t get away. That is the same trick Emma did in series 1 episode 1. I think this is the woman that got her into being a bounty hunter. Emma picked the lock of the handcuffs while the woman was in the shower. But she stayed when she found that a county office website has information on her and she wants to be taken there. No real information was there. Emma can’t let go but is agreeing to go back with the woman.
Emma went back to the county office. The woman followed and they jumped out the window to escape the police. Why can’t she just show her bounty hunter badge? It seems shady. Oops, a piece of glass got the woman. She’s dying and tells Emma that she gave up a child in the past. Emma finds the girl to give her information about her mother. This is where Emma finds her leather jacket. It looks like the one the bounty hunter wore and called her armor.
Hades goes to the crew for help in getting Zelena back. A meeting takes places where Rumple and Peter Pan want the contract ripped up for the return of her. Immediately, Hades rips it. Emma comes in just as they were going to take out her heart. Emma wondered why Rumple was staying so long. He left to go wake Belle. Of course his kiss didn’t work. Pan found him and said he has Pandora’s box. Rumple put the heart inside Pan so he could leave the Underworld. Uh oh, it’s not a real heart. It is filled with water from the river. You know that means Pan is destined to spend eternity in the river. People never learn not to mess with Rumple.
With the return of Zelena, Hades does as he promised, to wipe the names off the tombstones. The kiss from Zelena made is heart start beating again. Now he is able to leave the Underworld with the crew. A portal will open and they have a limited amount of time to go through. However, the plan to share Emma’s heart with Hook didn’t work. He has been dead too long. Hades told them the story of someone whose soul escaped the Underworld. They need ambrosia. Emma’s heart has to go up for review to see if she is worthy. Even Hades has not been there. The only way to do it is to take an elevator. Hook and Emma hope to be back in time to get to the portal, but Regina promised to take everyone home if they don’t.
Robin comes with the baby but doesn’t trust Zelena. Regina says the baby will be safe with her while Robin helps them. He walks away to clear his head and Rumple appears to steal his heart. Henry, as the author, tells the people what their unfinished business is. Cruella interrupts telling of her plans to take over the Underworld. The Hansel and Gretel witch uses her magic to trap the crew in a building. Regina can’t use her magic to get out.
Emma put her heart on a scale and it does nothing. All of a sudden she falls to her knees and Hook is engulfed in flames. She has to choose whether to get her heart or same him. You know she tried to save him. That is all that was needed to open the door. She had to prove her love for Hook. The ambrosia has been cut and the crew is stuck. People are starting to think it was Hades. It was all for nothing. Time is running out and Hades convinces Zelena that they should go through the portal with the baby. Hook is staying behind and staying dead. Poor Emma had to help Regina open the door with magic. They make it to the portal. She talks about how her armor (her jacket) was supposed to keep her from getting hurt. Now she can’t save the people she loves. David had to make her go through the portal.

Crawfish Boil(1)

Here is the update for the Foodie Challenge for the month of April. A did a couple of festivals this month.
1. Attend at least one local food festival.

This month I went to 2 festivals. The first was a buffalo wings festival called, Battle of the Buffalo. It’s run by a frat to raise money for a cancer charity. The organization seemed ok. I thought I would get some kind of program to let me know what restaurants were there but nope. Buying a ticket gets you a certain number of raffle type tickets. 1 ticket gets you a drink. The other tickets are for wings. Each ticket gets you 2 wings at a restaurant booth. I got there early and by time I was ready to leave, about 1.5 hr later, at least 1 restaurant was out of wings. A lot of the wings were dry but I think they were trying to keep them warm and may have overcooked. In general, it was good. I may go back next year.
I also went to the Heads-N-Tails Crawfish Boil. This is the first time I have had crawfish. Here they sell it by the pound. I got 1 pound and a half pound of shrimp. It was much smaller than I thought it would be. There were only 3 food booths and a few vendors selling random things. A band was playing as well. Again, I got there early because I saw reviews of people complaining that they run out of crawfish early. I made the good decision to take some containers with me. I got my food, put it in the containers, and went home to eat my food. I found out that crawfish is just ok. It is a lot of work to eat for an ok taste.  I’m not sure if I would go back.

2. Try 3 food trucks.
3. Celebrate Pi Day on 3/14 with pie from a local bakery. (March)
4. Sample 10 new to you dishes from our list of 100 things to eat. (1 – February)
5. Take a cooking class and learn to make a new dish.
6. Buy produce at a local farmer’s market.
7. Take a food tour. (January)
8. Try 5 new to you restaurants. Not sure where to start? Let Huntsville Eats help you find something tasty. (3 – February)

I’m on a mission to find good non-chain pizza. I ended up at a place that was a chain that I didn’t know about and the pizza was not good.

9. Try one of our local dives.
10. Eat something you’ve never had before. If you usually stick to meat and potatoes, branch out to Greek, Indian, Vietnamese, or Thai. If you are a more adventurous sort, try tongue, alligator, or kimchi. (kimchi – January)

I had crawfish.

11. Try drinks at a local juice bar and/or local specialized soda.
12. Give the gift of local food. Or a gift certificate to a favorite local restaurant.


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