Flashback – Maine 2009
Emma is looking for her family by asking questions at a local restaurant. A woman talks to her and reveals she is looking for her since she skipped bail. The woman put a boot on Emma’s car before approaching her so she couldn’t get away. That is the same trick Emma did in series 1 episode 1. I think this is the woman that got her into being a bounty hunter. Emma picked the lock of the handcuffs while the woman was in the shower. But she stayed when she found that a county office website has information on her and she wants to be taken there. No real information was there. Emma can’t let go but is agreeing to go back with the woman.
Emma went back to the county office. The woman followed and they jumped out the window to escape the police. Why can’t she just show her bounty hunter badge? It seems shady. Oops, a piece of glass got the woman. She’s dying and tells Emma that she gave up a child in the past. Emma finds the girl to give her information about her mother. This is where Emma finds her leather jacket. It looks like the one the bounty hunter wore and called her armor.
Hades goes to the crew for help in getting Zelena back. A meeting takes places where Rumple and Peter Pan want the contract ripped up for the return of her. Immediately, Hades rips it. Emma comes in just as they were going to take out her heart. Emma wondered why Rumple was staying so long. He left to go wake Belle. Of course his kiss didn’t work. Pan found him and said he has Pandora’s box. Rumple put the heart inside Pan so he could leave the Underworld. Uh oh, it’s not a real heart. It is filled with water from the river. You know that means Pan is destined to spend eternity in the river. People never learn not to mess with Rumple.
With the return of Zelena, Hades does as he promised, to wipe the names off the tombstones. The kiss from Zelena made is heart start beating again. Now he is able to leave the Underworld with the crew. A portal will open and they have a limited amount of time to go through. However, the plan to share Emma’s heart with Hook didn’t work. He has been dead too long. Hades told them the story of someone whose soul escaped the Underworld. They need ambrosia. Emma’s heart has to go up for review to see if she is worthy. Even Hades has not been there. The only way to do it is to take an elevator. Hook and Emma hope to be back in time to get to the portal, but Regina promised to take everyone home if they don’t.
Robin comes with the baby but doesn’t trust Zelena. Regina says the baby will be safe with her while Robin helps them. He walks away to clear his head and Rumple appears to steal his heart. Henry, as the author, tells the people what their unfinished business is. Cruella interrupts telling of her plans to take over the Underworld. The Hansel and Gretel witch uses her magic to trap the crew in a building. Regina can’t use her magic to get out.
Emma put her heart on a scale and it does nothing. All of a sudden she falls to her knees and Hook is engulfed in flames. She has to choose whether to get her heart or same him. You know she tried to save him. That is all that was needed to open the door. She had to prove her love for Hook. The ambrosia has been cut and the crew is stuck. People are starting to think it was Hades. It was all for nothing. Time is running out and Hades convinces Zelena that they should go through the portal with the baby. Hook is staying behind and staying dead. Poor Emma had to help Regina open the door with magic. They make it to the portal. She talks about how her armor (her jacket) was supposed to keep her from getting hurt. Now she can’t save the people she loves. David had to make her go through the portal.