Zelena went off to find Regina and left her kid with Hades. Arthur runs out of the woods handcuff looking for help. Hades says he understands being falsely imprisoned. He thinks he was destined to rule this new world. Oh, and he kills Arthur.
Regina tells Zelena not to trust Hades and Zelena said they shouldn’t mess with a god. Hades “offers” to give himself up to protect Zelena and the baby. She vows to help fight if needed. Hades has Olympian crystal that he wants to use as a weapon. Robin is pissed at Regina for putting his child in the hands of Hades and Zelena. They are sneaking into her office by an underground tunnel.
Emma and David inform Snow about Hades coming to the real world. Merida, Emma, David, and Henry find dead Arthur. Emma is ready to fight Hades but David tells her she needs to grieve the loss of Hook.
Rumple found Belle’s father but it is not willing to wake her if it means Rumple will still have control over her. He was threatened by Rumple when Emma arrives asked for help. Rumple won’t help because it is her problem. Rumple calls Hades to offer him a deal. He knows about the crystal. And he reminds Hades that he is in his kingdom now.
Hades tried to attack Regina with the crystal but Robin jumped in front. Zelena got the crystal and realized that Hades was not being truthful. She killed him with the crystal. Now Regina and Zelena are friends again. Later, Rumple showed up and fished the remaining crystal out of Hades’s ashes.
Robin’s funeral had Regina looking like the grieving widow which I guess she is. People left arrows with a flower on it on the coffin. His son was there and I bet it is the last time we will see him. Zelena was there with the baby who is unsurprisingly named Robin now.
King Arthur ends up in the Underworld. Hook invites him on a quest to find out the secrets of Hades now that Hades isn’t around to protect it. They find the Story book pages hidden in the throne. Hook needs to find a way to get the information to Emma. They go to Cruella to find out that she destroyed the phone booth that could talk to the real world. She also got rid of the Story book in the river of souls. They went to find it underground and lost souls tried to attack them. By returning the pages to the book, Emma was able to see the new pages.
Hook gets a sense that Emma defeated Hades. He is able to move on now. Zeus meets him personally to thank him for dealing with Hades and will escort him back to where he belongs. Who knew he would end up back in Storybrooke with Emma.